Rebecca Minkoff on What to Wear (and Serve) at Every Type of Holiday Party

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There are few things as fun but also as anxiety-inducing as getting ready for a holiday party. Will it be fancy fancy? Will everyone commit to heels even though there are 6 inches of snow on the ground? Is the faux fur too much?? Thankfully, we have an expert's opinion which might just clear everything up.

Chatting with Rebecca Minkoff at the Chandon Sip & Style event in her NYC store to celebrate the launch of the limited edition bottles she designed (!!!), she revealed her holiday go-to apps, her favorite wintertime dress, and just what to wear to *every* type of holiday shindig. Hark the herald, indeed.

Marie Claire: For holidays, do you often get together with your friends and cook yourselves?

Rebecca Minkoff: "Oh yes, definitely. That's our preferred way to hangout! Lately I've been doing grilled romaine with blue cheese and shallots and make a vegan caesar dressing—not for the sake of being vegan, but because I started making it and it's delicious."

MC: Is there a go-to dish that's your "don't have to think about it" one?

RM: "I mean, it's probably what everyone does—cheese, olives, cornichons—I throw that on my charcuterie plate...which is actually my cheese plate, but I still call it my charcuterie plate because that's what I use it for."

MC: This is the time of season when you're eating a lot, you're with friends and family—is there a "don't" that comes to mind when it comes to what you should wear?

RM: "Don't get wasted. [laughs] No but really don't wear shoes you can't walk in, especially after a few drinks. If you're going out for a *good* time—wear flats."

What to Wear to...

1. A Friend's Holiday Party or Gift Exchange

"For a girls night in, I'd opt for a cozy outfit like leather leggings and an oversized sweater. Never come empty handed to a friend's place. Sparkling wine is always my go-to for the holidays. The best part about the Chandon Limited Edition bottle ($24) is you don't even need to wrap it—just show up."

2. A Family Get-Together

"For holiday family get togethers, I love sticking to tradition. Every thanksgiving, I make one of my favorite recipes—pumpkin bread. It's always a hit! As for clothes, stick to something comfortable but put together. I think accessories are key."

3. The Annual Work Party

"Well, you're certainly not going to want to wear a gown! For a work party over the holidays, don't shy away from color and texture. A festive sequin dress is the perfect way to liven up any party."

4. A *Classy* Affair—Like seeing The Nutcracker or Attending a Winter Wedding

"For something more formal, dress the part with a long dress and a great jacket. My go to formal outfit for the holidays will be my Lucinda dress with my feather Pacha jacket—classy and fun!"


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