Rebecca Minkoff on What to Wear (and Serve) at Every Type of Holiday Party

Lady knows what she's talkin' 'bout.


There are few things as fun but also as anxiety-inducing as getting ready for a holiday party. Will it be fancy fancy? Will everyone commit to heels even though there are 6 inches of snow on the ground? Is the faux fur too much?? Thankfully, we have an expert's opinion which might just clear everything up.

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Chatting with Rebecca Minkoff at the Chandon Sip & Style event in her NYC store to celebrate the launch of the limited edition bottles she designed (!!!), she revealed her holiday go-to apps, her favorite wintertime dress, and just what to wear to *every* type of holiday shindig. Hark the herald, indeed.

Marie Claire: For holidays, do you often get together with your friends and cook yourselves?

Rebecca Minkoff: "Oh yes, definitely. That's our preferred way to hangout! Lately I've been doing grilled romaine with blue cheese and shallots and make a vegan caesar dressing—not for the sake of being vegan, but because I started making it and it's delicious."

MC: Is there a go-to dish that's your "don't have to think about it" one?

RM: "I mean, it's probably what everyone does—cheese, olives, cornichons—I throw that on my charcuterie plate...which is actually my cheese plate, but I still call it my charcuterie plate because that's what I use it for."

MC: This is the time of season when you're eating a lot, you're with friends and family—is there a "don't" that comes to mind when it comes to what you should wear?

RM: "Don't get wasted. [laughs] No but really don't wear shoes you can't walk in, especially after a few drinks. If you're going out for a *good* time—wear flats."

Courtesy Chandon

What to Wear to...

1. A Friend's Holiday Party or Gift Exchange

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"For a girls night in, I'd opt for a cozy outfit like leather leggings and an oversized sweater. Never come empty handed to a friend's place. Sparkling wine is always my go-to for the holidays. The best part about the Chandon Limited Edition bottle ($24) is you don't even need to wrap it—just show up."

2. A Family Get-Together

"For holiday family get togethers, I love sticking to tradition. Every thanksgiving, I make one of my favorite recipes—pumpkin bread. It's always a hit! As for clothes, stick to something comfortable but put together. I think accessories are key."

3. The Annual Work Party

"Well, you're certainly not going to want to wear a gown! For a work party over the holidays, don't shy away from color and texture. A festive sequin dress is the perfect way to liven up any party."

4. A *Classy* Affair—Like seeing The Nutcracker or Attending a Winter Wedding

"For something more formal, dress the part with a long dress and a great jacket. My go to formal outfit for the holidays will be my Lucinda dress with my feather Pacha jacket—classy and fun!"

Design by Betsy Farrell

1. Algo Confetti Sweater, $178 2. Bojana Too Boot, $150 3. Claire Dress, $268 4. Lucinda Dress, $348 and Pacha Jacket, $398

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