There's a Beautiful Reason Why Hillary Clinton Wore Purple at Her Concession Speech

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Women across the United States wore white pantsuits to vote on Tuesday, a nod to suffragettes as well as Hillary Clinton, who's spent this entire election donning her signature look. For the most part, the democratic candidate rocked red, white, and blue (#USA!), but she mixed things up during Wednesday morning's concession speech and wore a Ralph Lauren suit with purple lapels and a matching purple blouse.

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Why? Because blue (the color of democrats) and red (the color of republicans) mixed together makes purple. Hillary was sending a sartorial plea for unity, and while it's hard to stay positive, let's take up the mantle and hope that this election will prove that we are, in fact, #StrongerTogether.

P.S. Shoutout to Bill's purple tie.

H/T to The Hollywood Reporter.

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