The Fashion Set's Go-To Wedding Shoes

A diamanté buckle is forever.

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You might be reading this because you fell victim were blessed to have been amongst the hordes who got engaged over the holidays. Or maybe you expect to join the pavé-d masses later this month, or maybe you are fundamentally either too lovable or not lovable enough to ever meet the right person at the right place at the right time—whichever way, cool! Let's get you some shoes.

Ever since they were given prime product placement in Carrie Bradshaw's proposal redo, Manolo Blahnik's "Hangisi" pumps have also found favor with the fashion crowd. But unlike cupcakes and everything else SATC super-fans have left in their wake, the Empress Josephine-inspired slippers have only gotten more cachet, thanks to some women who would only acknowledge a pink tour bus if it ran them down in the street.

A few guesses why: The 105-millimeter heel gives anyone Vittoria Ceretti legs (though you could opt to go lower). There's your something blue (multiple shades available) taken care of. And they're fairly economical, even with the near-$1K price tag, as you could easily re-wear them, which might be more difficult to do with satin sandals dyed to match the exact same shade of eggshell as your gown.

But in today's world, in which you can hire a lady to create a custom hashtag for your wedding, maybe the most persuasive argument is this: They look swell in photos.

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