Big Girl in a Skinny World: Wardrobe Essentials

For those of you itching to know what other items I simply cannot live without, here is what tops my list!

Hello Ladies,

I'm sure I don't have to tell you how important classic staples are to a girl's wardrobe, especially when you're a curvy girl. That's why I loved writing an entire column devoted to my favorite wardrobe essentials for Marie Claire's April issue. While you can't go wrong with the items I listed in that column—the perfect LBD, a crisp white button-down, an anytime-anywhere trenchcoat—there were a few favorites I couldn't include, due to space considerations.

So for those of you itching to know what other items I simply cannot live without, here are some addendums to my list:

The cardigan. Truth is, I wear mine (I own several) to death. Whether I'm throwing it on over a t-shirt and jeans or a dress, I usually top it with a belt for an added dash of sophistication. It's an easy way to keep warm and add layers, while also giving an otherwise ho-hum outfit a bit of polish. My personal favorite is Gap's Cropped Sleeve Cardigan (opens in new tab). Another great option, with a little more length, is the trendy boyfriend cardigan. I just picked up a Women's Lightweight Boyfriend Cardigan from Old Navy (opens in new tab) and have been wearing it non-stop.

Black trousers. Another classic that can't be overlooked. These are perfect for a meeting or a dressier night out. When it comes to cut, look for a pair with a wider leg so that you create a long straight line from your hips down. Try the Calvin Klein Plus Size Pants, Hudson Luxe Stretch pair from Macy's (opens in new tab).

A wrap dress. Easy to wear and always flattering. I just wore one last night to a dinner and found myself receiving non-stop compliments on my dress choice. Look for one that hits just above the knee. But nothing screams 'tacky' more than ample cleavage spilling over the v-neck of a wrap dress. So be sure to wear a cami or sew the neckline if it is too low cut. (Careful about safety pins—nothing looks sloppier if it's an obvious DIY fix.). Target's Merona Women's Wrap Dress (opens in new tab) is a great option for a curvy girl.

Do you have any favorite classics? Did I miss any? Let me know, I always love to hear from you!