Meet Luxury Garage Sale: Designer Duds for Insane Deals

Chicago-based consignment shop Luxury Garage Sale offers unreal deals on your favorite designers, and a cash-gaining way to ditch your old duds.

As time goes by and styles change, the items in our closets that used we used to reach for every week naturally start to fall by the wayside. What do you do with your four-seasons-old Prada pumps or way too worn-in Joe's Jeans? Enter Luxury Garage Sale. The shop is a designer consignment boutique and service that deals strictly with designer items, both contemporary and vintage. The Chicago-based store is open to consigners seven days a week, but for those of you outside of Illinois, the store is hosting pop-ups around the Midwest as well as tons of items on their online eBay store.

The best part about Luxury Garage Sale isn't getting rid of your own goods, but it's the shopping. The sifting and scouring process of thrifting can be exhausting — you can spend hours scrounging through racks of t-shirts covered in mystery stains at your local Goodwill in order to find that one winning piece. Luxury Garage Sale does the job for you, with an inventory that's already been vetted to find the good stuff. Grab designers like Prada, Tory Burch, Lanvin, Isabel Marant and more at a fraction of the cost. Now that's the sort of shopping you can afford to love!

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