20 Winter Wedding Guest Dresses to Shine In

The only thing you'll need to worry about are shoes.

winter wedding guest dresses
(Image credit: Edward Berthelot)

So you have to tear yourself away from a weekend of Netflix, eat, and repeat long enough to attend a wedding? And worse, it's happening in the winter? Truly shudder-inducing. But don’t fret—winter-ready dresses (opens in new tab) can be the most gorgeous kind, and we’ve got you covered (literally). Unlike spring and summer weddings (opens in new tab), to which you can wear the bare minimum, winter weddings call for dresses that are made from thick fabrics like velvet and come with sleeves, if possible. You can also feel good about icing yourself out in a ton of jewelry (opens in new tab) to match the icy temperatures outside. The winter wedding guest dresses on this list are so nice, you’ll want to wear them twice—i.e. the holy grail of wedding attire. (opens in new tab)We've got everything from simple, ruched mini dresses to drop-dead-glamorous gowns that will make you look red carpet-ready.

Julia Marzovilla
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