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The Best Summer Dresses of 2017 at All Price Points

From the cost of a really good dinner to "let's not mention it."

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Think of it this way: Do you really want to be shopping when you could be at the beach or thinking about the beach from a climate-controlled room? No. That's why we've done some sartorial reconnaissance and returned with the 27 prettiest summer dresses of the year, all available to buy now.

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Because you haven't quite figured out how to style a tropical camp shirt, but you know you can wear the heck outta a one-shoulder mini. 

$50, zara.com.

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More structured than it looks (read: okay for office) and will increase your shoulder width significantly (in a fashion-y way).  

$50, shop.mango.com.

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Classic without being too "Betty Draper cosplay." Though some of us have already got the martini habit and emotional repression bits covered...

$50, uniqlo.com.

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A Bardot neckline and fitted silhouette for a summer fling that'll end with one party ghosting, then resurfacing three weeks later for no apparent reason.

$50, zara.com.

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Looking for a beach coverup? Ya girl's got you *and* she's here with styling direction: big earrings, bigger shades, and a bandana 'round your head. 

$60, gap.com.

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Wear as is for work, get creative with the top half for play. (Extra credit if you can turn it into a single shoulder à la this.) 

$60, hm.com.

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Front Row Shop

Everybody needs a lightweight, breezy dress to drip Popsicle juice onto. 

$75, frontrowshop.com.

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Really into a handkerchief hem, still into an off-the-shoulder neckline no matter how hard fashion tries to kill it. 

$95, topshop.com.

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& Other Stories

Equally nice with or without a T-shirt layered underneath, trainers or slides, in a house, with a mouse, etc.

$115, stories.com.

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Like the man's shirt you bring to the beach but longer so you don't have to bother with pants (the Prime Directive for warm-weather dressing). 

$120, aritzia.com.

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J. Crew

Me to me: Don't go too '60s with this, please. Also me to me: But how you gonna stop me? 

$138, jcrew.com.

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Really pretty (live for a shoulder tie) for a wedding you don't really want to go to but end up having fun at anyway. 

$140, aritzia.com.

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If your summer plans include revenge. 

$169, stylestalker.com.

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Toit Volant

Lovely color, lovelier anemone-like chest ruffles. 

$198, needsupply.com.

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Made for staging photos along the Amalfi Coast with an Aperol Spritz in your hand and three more already in your tummy. 

$218, revolve.com.

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Réalisation Par

A nice black slip dress, but then...mural splashed across the left boob!

$225, realisationpar.com.

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Can very vividly imagine somebody wearing this to upstage a bride. (Spoiler: It goes very well.) 

$240, topshop.com.

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& Other Stories

Loads of fabric in the skirt for twirling harder than Lupita at the Oscars and being well-ventilated in your own personal air bubble. 

$245, stories.com.

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The Jet Set Diaries

A millennial festival-goer's dream, with double slits, exposed shoulders, and a wee bit of boobage. All together, it works

$279, revolve.com.

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Ulla Johnson

Kind of like what Tilda Swinton's character in I Am Love would wear if she ever let loose IRL. Big danglers for this one too, plus a straw bag. Bella. 

$310, modaoperandi.com.

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You've successfully avoided winter bod, so why not celebrate with a daring thigh cutout/by showing that your dress is reversible in the middle of a party?

$455, needsupply.com.

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NYADD. (Not your average denim dress, in that it's got a structured, corset-like bodice.) 

$580, ohlin-d.com.

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Caroline Constas

A voluminous bohemian rhapsody you'd try to wear to aerial yoga because *everybody* has to see it.

$695, net-a-porter.com.

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Lisa Marie Fernandez

Meant for la plage, but that rickrack trim and convertible neckline would work anywhere, making it a solid choice for vacations. 

$695, net-a-porter.com.

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You do get tons of design for the price, and just as many prints. 

$750, mytheresa.com.

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Gül Hürgel

Similarly, you have to agree that's a lot of fabric and hours somebody had to sew, and you'll definitely see a ROI in Instagram likes. 

$820, net-a-porter.com.

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Regina Pyo

Support emerging talent! And get some shoulder ties and a check pattern out of it. 

$976, needsupply.com.

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