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Mission Impossible: 10 Summer Date-Night Tops Under $100

Now to find a date, LOL...

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Not-boring summer date ideas? Check. An open mind? ¡Si! An actual person to bring to said romantic-partner tryouts? No comment. But dress for it, and you can achieve it, so start with one of the following affordable/flirty/fun tops, add some jeans, and see where it goes from there.

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"Ooh, it's cold," you say pointedly, hugging your one bare shoulder, while plotting to keep their sweatshirt forever.

Farrow, $64; needsupply.com.


Like they googled "What do millennials like?" and mashed the top results (pink, lace, shoulder ties) together. 

Aritzia, $60; aritzia.com.


Issa hankie. But look at what Jenny Walton did with hers

Front Row Shop, $37; frontrowshop.com.


Polka-dot hankie, with ruffles for good measure.

H&M, $40; hm.com.


A peasant-y shape + tassels + gingham = high summer. 

J.Crew, $78; jcrew.com.


Free-boobing it would be kind of obvious (😎), but you know what's best for your chest. 

Mango, $36, shop.mango.com.


A good litmus test, because you wouldn't want to see anyone who opposes puffy shoulders, would you? 

Pixie Market, $102; pixiemarket.com.


With some flares and a straw basket, they'll think they've scored a date with Jane Birkin. 

& Other Stories, $39; stories.com.


C'mon—it's sheer and looks like a 1950s nightie. 

Topshop, $68; topshop.com.


More lingerie masquerading as clothes. 

Zara, $36; zara.com.


Bonus (more-expensive-but-so-good) round! This would look really nice with lots of denim and gold jewelry, because matching doesn't have to be boring.

Nikki Chasin, $250; nikkichasin.com.


While this is sparkly and stretchy and your childhood in a tank top. 

Calle Del Mar, $160; calledelmar.us.

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