Olivia Rodrigo Confirms the Y2K Style Revival Is Still Going Strong

The pop star isn't letting the early-aughts fizzle out just yet.

Olivia Rodrigo in a green crop top and low-waist jeans
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Olivia Rodrigo has a reputation for being a trendsetter with a penchant for archival (did you catch Rodrigo in vintage Versace at the 2021 VMAs?) and throwback trends, particularly '00s fashion. On the heels of her Saturday Night Live performance this past weekend, the reigning Gen-Z pop star once again called on the era she's so fond of. Olivia Rodrigo wore a very Y2K-feeling outfit consisting of a fuzzy green crop top and low-rise trousers. Lately, there have been surreptitious rumblings amongst the fashion community that early 2000s fashion trends are on their last leg of aesthetic relevance, with '80s and 2010s style sensibilities gaining momentum, fast. But in her recent look, Rodrigo said au contraire: the Y2K style revival is still going strong.

Low-slung waistlines and fuzzy, textured tops are peak early-aughts fashion (I'd wager you owned at least one furry blouse or popcorn top back in the day). However, the singer's look is simple yet sleek and felt like an early-aughts ensemble that was more understated than others that recall the era. Rodrigo's late-night outfit is more workwear forward than, say, a classic velour Juicy Couture tracksuit set (à la Paris Hilton), or a visible thong purposely worn for all to see. Instead, the "Vampire" hitmaker’s outfit was toned down so the moss-green fuzzy going-out top was the sole focal piece of her ensemble.

Olivia Rodrigo Y2K Fuzzy Top

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Rodrigo paired her furry top and low-rise pants with closed-toe platform stiletto pumps in black suede, perfect protection for the crisp chill of the winter season. Her purse was a sleek patent leather shoulder bag, also in black. 

Rodrigo wore a minimal amount of jewelry, but she did sport an assortment of silver rings on her fingers, seemingly educated in 2023’s silvery jewelry trend. However, there was not a pair of earrings in sight. Her beauty palette was also kept to a minimum to match the essence of her outfit: Her nails were polished in black, and she wore her hair worn down in her everyday longline style and parted at the center. It wouldn’t be a Rodrigo look without her go-to liquid eyeliner in black, which made a precise winged cat eye.

Now, some may say it is time for Y2K's fashion sovereignty to end—the era's fashion trends do have a polarizing "love it or hate it" effect. But if anything, Rodrigo is setting all the fashion gossip to rest; Y2K is still alive amongst us; whether it is haunting our closets or is a well-loved go-to staple, it is not dead yet. 

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