Taurus 2016 Horoscope: A Look at Your Year Ahead

(April 19 - May 20)

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You are currently bestowed with a kind of intelligence that is both deep and unusually perceptive. But in the coming year it will be necessary to make decisions and to move faster than you usually do. As the events of the next four seasons emerge, you will need to be flexible and strong. 

It's also essential that you have some version of a game plan, by which I mean a basic sketch of what you want to achieve in 2016. The most meaningful part of that plan is having a direction in which you're headed. You will tweak this as you go, though you still need an anchor: at least one guiding principle to focus on.

It will be far better for you if that principle is not about another person. You need an idea about your life that is yours alone, which you then bring with you into every situation. The theme of this year is learning to trust yourself—which, like any skill, is gained with practice. 

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Chelsea Rickling

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