What's Your Sign? For These Celebs, Taurus

Don't mess with these bulls.

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Taurus season is heating up. The second astrological sign runs from April 20 to May 20, and people born during this time are known for their ambition, independence, loyalty, and generally down-to-earth vibes. (Also, stubbornness—their symbol is a bull after all.) These celebs all live up to their earthy sign values.

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Shemar Moore

Born: April 20

The actor obviously got the Taurus good looks, but Shemar broke down his best qualities in a very detailed Instagram post. The photo was captioned with "I am a DREAMER n I REFUSE TO QUIT or FAIL." Written like a true Taurus.

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Miranda Kerr

Born: April 20

The VS model is right on the cusp of Aries and Taurus season, but she's definitely a Taurus. The starlet previously stated, "I have a Taurus in Mercury, so the way I think is like a Taurus." Kerr even blamed her bull roots for her detail-oriented style.

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Robbie Amell

Born: April 21

Canadian-born The Flash star Robbie Amell will make you melt both on and off the screen. He was determined to make it as an actor in LA and credits friends and family for his staying. The Taurus star has stated he wants to "do a good job for them and show them they were right for believing" in him. Precious.

Queen Elizabeth
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Queen Elizabeth II

Born: April 21

Chances are the Queen is not a fan of astrology, but she does have a lot of Taurus qualities. Her determination allows her to run a commonwealth like a boss and she's literally the longest ruling monarch. Her loyalty to the people of England after all these years is obvious.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Born: April 22

The Walking Dead star stays true to his Taurus roots by getting out in nature as much as possible. He's also a family man, spending his most recent birthday with his children.

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Amber Heard

Born: April 22

Amber exudes the Venusian beauty often attributed to members of the Taurus crew. The starlet really showed her bullish side when dealing with her divorce from Johnny Depp, refusing to let the media get to her and staying as private as possible throughout the ordeal.

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John Cena

Born: April 23

It's no surprise John Cena enjoys the good life, like many of his fellow Taurus celebs. But his strongest bull quality is his ability to push himself: His career is a testament to the hard work and constant progress Cena strives for.

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Gigi Hadid

Born: April 23

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and luxury, so it's no surprise Gigi has risen quickly to super-model status. But don't let the glam fool you, she's as down to earth as they come. Gigi has referred to herself as a "little Taurus girl" who loves the planet and even captioned her latest birthday pic with an astrological emoji.

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Prince Louis Arthur Charles

Born: April 23

Okay, so we obviously know nothing about the royal baby yet—he's four days old!—but he wins cutest Taurus for sure.

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Joe Keery

Born: April 24

The Stranger Things star is your typical artistic Taurus. When he isn't acting he's creating super cool images like this.

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Born: April 24

R&B singer's down-to-earth Taurus vibes are present in her lyrics and she is all about gratitude (just check out her IG bio). Kehlani isn't shy about being proud of her Taurus birth date, her latest birthday gram even included #taurusszn.

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Kelly Clarkson

Born: April 24

Kelly is a passionate and loyal Taurus. She gracefully shut haters down when they commented on her weight and continued on living her happy life. A proud bull, she even tweeted birthday wishes to fellow Taurus Glen Campbell back in 2015.

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Austin Nichols

Born: April 24

The Walking Dead cutie Austin Nichols is definitely an earth sign. A scroll through his gram, @austinnichols, shows a love of nature and chill lifestyle. Plus his loyalty to his GF and love of his mom only further prove he's got the best Taurus qualities.

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Channing Tatum

Born: April 26

Notoriously charming Tauruses are a blast to be around. It's no wonder every woman fell hard for Channing after his Magic Mike strip teases.

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Carol Burnett

Born: April 26

Carol Burnett is the epitome of determination. She's pretty much done it all, helping to pave the way for so many female comics we love today. She was blessed with Taurus patience and even told Marie Claire she considers it one of the three qualities that got her to where she is now.

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Jessica Alba

Born: April 28

This earthy mom is so in touch with her astrological sign she basically changed careers, creating The Honest Company to help save the planet and keep your baby clean. This Taurus also goes hard for her friends and humanitarian efforts.

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Penelope Cruz

Born: April 28

The Spanish actress is all about supporting her friends and it only makes you want to be her friend too. She's gorgeous and grateful, and I want to have a cocktail with this Taurus really badly.

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Katherine Langford

Born: April 29

The 13 Reasons Why Aussie is pretty private, but Marie Claire Fresh Faces cover star shared exclusively with us how Selena Gomez changed the way she thinks about social media.

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Uma Thurman

Born: April 29

Uma may be the most badass Taurus on this list. She practiced an immense amount of patience when sharing her traumatic incident with Harvey Weinstein. Her words were graceful and powerful and showed the world that if you mess with this bull you'll get the horns.

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Gal Gadot

Born: April 30

It's no wonder this strong and beautiful bull was chosen to star in Wonder Woman, she kicks ass on screen and IRL. The star has used her social platforms for good in an effort to help with humanitarian affairs. She's also a super grateful for the Earth, a loving wife, and an awesome friend. So many goals. So. Many.

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Jamie Dornan

Born: May 1

Though we all may feel like we personally know the Fifty Shades star, he's actually a very private bull. He joined Instagram in 2014 but has since deleted his account and gone social media-free due to the bad vibes from Twitter trolls.

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The Rock

Born: May 2

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a firm believer in the power of being a Taurus man. He's mentioned his Taurus roots on Twitter and even has a tattoo of a bull on his bicep.

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Princess Charlotte

Born: May 2

Charlotte is already a charming Taurus. Please see exhibit A or exhibit B should you need a reminder. I mean, really, that wave?!

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David Beckham

Born: May 2

Known for their loyalty, a Taurus makes a great partner. Becks shows his Taurus ways by always standing by his family. The soccer star even has ink for every member of the Beckham clan.

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Christina Hendricks

Born: May 3

The Mad Men star has always kept fans wanting more by going full Taurus with her privacy. No social media = no drama.

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Born: May 5

Adele's music proves her insane loyalty to lovers, and also her determination to keep going. No matter what happens in life, her main motivators are her family and being true to herself.

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George Clooney

Born: May 6

George is the ultimate combo of two amazing Taurus qualities: a love of luxury while also being extremely down-to-earth. TBH this is probably why he was Hollywood's most eligible bachelor for what felt like forever.

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Aidy Bryant

Born: May 7

The SNL and I Feel Pretty star perfectly embodies the down-to-earth lifestyle. A quick scroll through her Instagram will show you that when she isn't straight hustling, she's an earthy girl who loves the outdoors.

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Olivia Culpo

Born: May 8

The former Miss Universe has been wowing us with her style and charm for years now. She's using her influencer status to help spread her humanitarian work helping end illiteracy in collaboration with Pencils of Promise. The Taurus also opened up to Ocean Drive magazine about the struggle to keep her love life private living in the spotlight.

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Stephen Amell

Born: May 8

Canadian-born Arrow star Stephen Amell (cousin to Robbie Amell!) knows about bullish persistence. In order to make scenes as real as possible, he's trained intensely to become quite the archer. He's also a family man: His (adorable) Twitter profile pic is of him and his daughter.

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