Libra Weekly Horoscope

Here's what's in store for you the week of February 6.

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Do you feel like you're pursuing someone you can't quite catch up with? If so, is this about the sport of the game, or do you really think you're going to get their attention or some larger result? The direction of your astrology seems to be about relationships; there's so much going on in your opposite sign Aries. Yet the deeper truth of the matter is that you have an opportunity to conduct a review of your life. This is not about anyone else, or how they may feel about you. To some extent it relates to how you feel about other people, because that actually tells you something about your values. Ultimately this is about whether you feel at home in your own life, and in your emotions, shorn of all appearances. To the extent that relationships are a distraction, you will need to let them go, if you want to take that opportunity. That does not preclude genuine friendship and authentic lovers who know that you must come first in your life.

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