Melania Trump Wore Gloves to Decorate a Christmas Tree

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Being from England, there are lots of American holiday traditions I don't understand, like why you guys have two festive occasions within a month of each other, and why everyone gets so agitated about Starbucks cups. But this is a new one: Wearing blood-red leather gloves to decorate your Christmas tree, as Melania Trump chose to do in the White House's 2018 Christmas portraits, which feels less like a weird America thing and more just...weird.

Don't get me wrong: The gloves are certainly festive! They match the tree's baubles with almost eerie precision—both are that cherry-red shade of a poisoned apple in a Disney movie. And perhaps Melania has a very specific Christmas tree allergy that I've never heard of but would have a lot of sympathy for, if true!

But the plot thickens: According to the batch of photos released by the White House on Monday afternoon, Melanie did remove both gloves a minute later after stepping away from the tree and reaching out to caress what I think is a piece of tinsel on the mantelpiece. So maybe Melania was just being cautious? I guess Christmas trees can be kind of spiky, if you poke them super hard??

Anyway, here she is with gloves:


And sans gloves:


And here's Melania just walking around the White House's Red Room (probably quite different from the one in 50 Shades), perhaps wearing gloves, perhaps not, who can know for sure!

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As I said, kind of weird, but maybe a facet of American historical tradition I didn't know about (after all, if it wasn't covered in Hamilton, chances are I don't know about it). But here's something else I can't explain: Why are a bunch of pencils jammed together to make a wreath? And hung ominously with a scarlet bow?

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Also? There are "Be Best" baubles jammed into the Christmas tree.

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But I digress. Back to the gloves, which Twitter and myself were equally baffled by.

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Is it possible that touching a tree (a dead one, but whatever) counts as gardening? So you might think it prudent to slip on some gardening gloves? I need answers.

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