What Turns You On?

I don't want anyone seeing me naked. It dawned on me that my turn ons are on the "conservative" side.

I was surprised to see a recent article about The Standard Hotel in NYC's Meat Packing District. Apparently, the hotel is a haven for people who want to live out their fantasies. It's a place for exhibitionists to show off their wares in the windows. One of my friends is pretty wild. She once had a "fivesome"with two gay friends, her boyfriend, and some random person. So, she's perfect for the Standard Hotel.

It stands to reason that I heard yet another story about her involving The Standard. She got a room there and flashed a bunch of people who were walking by. She was upset because none of them noticed what she was doing. I was astounded that she'd want anyone to notice. I don't want anyone seeing me naked. It dawned on me that my turn ons are on the "conservative" side.

So let's see, I'm too insecure to have people see me naked in public, or even kiss my girlfriend in public. I've tried to figure out if i have a foot fetish because I notice cute pedicures. But I realized I didn't have a fetish when I Googled "Heather Graham" and saw a few rows down in Google's suggested searches: "Heather Graham Feet". I've never Googled the word "feet" in with any hot woman's name. I guess feet don't turn me on the same way they turn on people who Google "feet".

One of the strangest turn ons I've heard of are those people called "furries"-- people who like to dress as mascots or in animal costumes. Dressing as a baby is a turn on for some people. Then there are people who are turned on by objects like shoes. People get off on having power over someone, and some women have rape fantasies, so not everyone is like me.

I can't define "normal" or "abnormal" turn ons. I'll admit what turns me on most:

- When a woman I find attractive is turned on

- When a woman seems kind of "innocent" and then turns out not to be so innocent

Now, many of my friends have pointed out that I tend to go for younger girls, and that's my weird turn on. I'm not sure why I date younger. It might be as simple as not wanting anything serious. But maybe younger girls have that "innocent" thing going on. I'm not into women with too many piercings or tattoos, because it takes away from that innocent image. I feel creepy when a girl is not into it, or is just lying there when we are being intimate. I don't understand how people can get turned on when the woman might not be into it.

Perhaps I'm just too lazy to go to all the trouble of dressing as a baby or mascot. Maybe if it was easier to get a bunch of shoes (or afford them), they'd turn me on. It seems like a huge effort to get in to some of these turn ons. It's kind of like golf: you have to take a lot of time and money to pick up the hobby.

I'm not sure if I'm conservative or traditional, but I'm trying to figure out the psychology behind "out of the box" things that turn people on. Am I in the minority with my turn ons? What strange thing turns you on, and what strange things have you heard of that turn people on?