4 Observations from the Tiger Woods Affair

It's scary how many women in my office were surprised by this. All of the guys, including myself, shrugged our shoulders and muttered: "Of course he's having an affair."

I admit I get a craving for Sour Skittles at 3AM and hit the bodega every now and then, but when someone is leaving their house in the wee hours of the morning, usually something is awry.  Therefore, we all knew something was up when Tiger Woods crashed up his car leaving his house in the AM.

Of course, it turns out that Tiger Woods has been having at least one extra-marital affair.It's scary how many women in my office were surprised by this. All of the guys, including myself, shrugged our shoulders and muttered: "Of course he's having an affair."

My analysis of the Tiger situation should not make you hate men, but it should keep you on high alert if you aren't on high alert already.  It doesn't matter how quiet, perfect, unassuming a guy is: over 90% of guys are capable of being jerks. You should never be surprised by a guy's extra-marital affairs, perversions, or other deceptive sexual vices. When we were discussing this in our office, one girl said: "Well, not all guys are jerks." That is a dangerous and naive position.

While Tiger's talents make him seem immortal and invincible, his weaknesses make him very human and male. The points below regarding Tiger's situation make him similar to many men:

Guys Like Quantity Over Quality

Ever find yourself asking how a guy hooks up with lame women when he's got an amazing wife or girlfriend, or could date your great friend? I have a lot of friends who have broke up with great girls and went on "hookup binges" with women that were either not good-looking, had bad personalities, or paled in comparison to their girlfriend. Many guys try to hook up with a lot of women, regardless of quality.

Rich & Famous Men Should Not Get Married

History Channel has come up with yet another glorious series: "Ancients Behaving Badly," and I learned that Attila the Hun and Caligula-types, known for their power and pillaging, take any woman they want, whenever they want. At no point, of course, does History Channel argue that either of these men would be good husbands.

Rich/famous men like Tiger Woods are modern-day Caligulas/Attilas with their access to countless women.  I bet publicists tell people like Tiger Woods to get married to paint him as a "family man" for his image. I actually have more respect for guys like Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney:  they are doing their thing, and staying single. They have more respect for marriage than these famous guys who get married and then break vows. These rich/famous guys who get married think they can have their cake and eat it too.

Almost Every Guy Gets Bored of Any Woman at Some Point

The women in my office asked us guys if we'd ever cheat on Tiger's wife. We revealed to the women that almost every guy gets bored after a while.  Interestingly, it's not always about sex. A dream girl who isn't demanding, gives us space, and makes us laugh keeps us around. We'd feel lucky to have that type of woman and we'd most likely never get bored. But there's never a guarantee that a guy won't get bored, regardless of the woman.

Sudden Success Means a Guy Needs Time

Tiger Woods was probably a total "golf geek" growing up, with dating success on my level -- that level is about as low as his golf scores. Suddenly he's an international celebrity making tons of money and, with celebrity, comes throngs of women. It's great, but not easy to deal with. Why take on the challenge of marriage in addition to this challenge?

There are few guys who are successful with women "naturally." We have to learn, build ourselves and make ourselves attractive. If it happens too fast, a man should take time to take it all in and enjoy it before he settles down.

What are your thoughts on my statements above, and on the Tiger Woods situation? 

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