8 Things That Make Women Unavailable

By now, we know that I tend to go for unavailable women. In addition to the old "I have a boyfriend," there are other ways for women to be unavailable. Believe me, I'm an expert on these types of women.

I created a list of the types of unavailable women out there. You'll see there's quite a range:

I Have a Boyfriend

I can understand a woman staying with a great guy, but so many women stay with losers. I've gone for many girls who stay with a jerk who cheats on them, thinking they'll opt for me as the nicer guy. I should probably just shut off my attraction when I find out a girl has a boyfriend. But when I hear that he doesn't treat her well, or he cheats on her, or her friends all tell me they want her to break up with him, I think of myself as a savior who could sweep her off her feet and show her what it's like to be with a nice guy. But it never works that way.

I'm Out of Your League

Whether it's true or not, we all do it: when someone's interested in us, sometimes we think we can do better. If we are fixated on a "god" or "goddess" we might miss something great right under our nose. If a girl thinks she can do better than me, even before she gets to know me, there's not much I can do. Of course, maybe she knows I'm lazy, I have cats, and I'm afraid to commit just by looking at me.

I'm in Another Town

Long distance is challenging and usually not worth the drama. But I've been into girls who live in other towns in my past. I'm guilty of sending emails, gifts, and trying to start relationships from remote locations. It's tough to start something up from far away when you can't go on dates or go over to each other's place for a movie.

My Last Relationship Destroyed Me

People have to recover from the pain of past relationships. So, it doesn't matter how great I am if she's in recovery mode. She has to get through it at her own pace before she's emotionally available.

I Don't Want a Boyfriend

Just like men don't commit, women sometimes don't want to get in to anything too serious. When a situation gets to the critical point with a girl who doesn't want a boyfriend she just tells me it's best to "remain friends."

I Am into Someone Else

Even if a girl is into another guy, I play the percentages: 90% chance that he's a jerk or does something stupid or inconsiderate. So, it doesn't necessarily deter me when I find out a girl likes another guy. But I forget, regardless of how great or bad the other guy is, if a girl likes him she probably has tunnel vision.

I Only Date a Certain Type...and It's Not You, Rich Santos

I might be too cool for some, too geeky for others. Or, her friends tell me she "only dates investment bankers" for example. Whatever the case, some women just go for a certain type and if I don't fit that type, then there's no chance she'll be available to me. That doesn't stop me from trying to change her preferences.

I'm Insane

Whether it's a little baggage or certifiable insanity, it's nearly impossible to get through to someone who isn't thinking clearly. My habit of pursuing insane women is quite unhealthy.

I often go for girls with built-in excuses to protect myself. So I can say: "I didn't fail. She had a boyfriend anyway." Combined with my habit of not trying my hardest (so I can say my failure isn't based on trying my best), my habit of going for unavailable women has kept me single for a long time. Just like any bad habit or train of thought, it's a cycle that I have to commit to breaking.

What types of unavailable men do you find? Are they too into their work or their friends? Do you find that you go for unavailable men, or can you resist when you see that they are not available? What are your thoughts on my list above?