3 Ways to Tell If He Likes You

Here are three ways our male dating blogger went out of his way for a girl this weekend.

I've written many times about meeting women that don't cause me to go out of my way.

I'm hardheaded and I love the things that I do, so any girl that comes in to my life is in for some competition. This past weekend a girl I hung out with caused me to go out of my way in three main areas that I thought would never happen. I'm not sure where our relationship will end up, but I must give compliments to this girl for being able to do that.

Here are three ways I went out of my way for this girl this weekend:

I Tried Food I Don't Normally Try

I'm intensely afraid of fish. I'm more of a children's menu guy: chicken tenders, pasta, soup, chili, meatloaf, etc...and not fish sticks. This girl and I decided that I'd try fish this weekend. In fact, I told her I'd cook for her (she only eats fish and vegetables), but I had to find a fish recipe. She said she'd help. I thought it was so cute that she said she'd help, I felt compelled to try it.

So, I bought this big slab of salmon, and I was very frightened at first because there were skin/scales on one side. She assured me that this was normal, and we grilled it up with this honey/balsamic marinade. It turned out great and I ate all of my serving, and I didn't even cringe. It was actually pretty good.

I Didn't Hang Out With My College Buddies That Night

A bunch of my friends were in town, but I found this out after the girl and I had made the date.So, I kept the date and told the guys I couldn't make it. When I told my one buddy I wasn't going to attend the night out he said: "I thought we were all going." I explained I had made a date and he said: "Wow, this girl is like your GF."

She is not at this point, and I explained: "If she was my GF, I could cancel on her at the last minute." He wrote back: "Good point". We are at that point in our hanging out where last minute canceling isn't so easy. It seems like it's easier to cancel when people are "together."

I Was Late To The Bar For The Ravens Playoff Game

This one surprised me the most. In the morning we slept in pretty late. I've complained in the past about women overstaying their welcome at my apartment, but this didn't bother me at all. By the time we got situated, it looked as though I was going to be late to meet my buddies at the bar for the Ravens playoff game because I was helping her get to the train to get home.

I texted my buddy at the bar and informed him that I would be there at halftime. The conversation went like this:

Me: "I'll be there at halftime."

Buddy: "Wow."

Me: "Sorry!"

Buddy: "Ravens before chicks.I mean you're breaking so many cardinal man/ravens fans rules right now, it's weird."

Now, I've cardinal man rules on a regular basis so that didn't surprise me,but I've never broken a cardinal Ravens rule. But the girl and I caught her train and I got to the bar in time to see the majority of the Ravens 30-7 playoff win over the Chiefs. So, all ended well.

I'm not sure where this relationship will end up, but it's been a long time since I've met a girl that has caused me to make these kinds of little sacrifices, or try new things. It's a good sign for three reasons:

1. I'm letting her in enough to have an impact - I'm either too picky or don't want anyone close to me

2. I'm learning it's possible to meet a girl that can make me do these things and make the little sacrifices, so that's refreshing

3. Maybe I'm growing up a little...never thought that would happen

What are your thoughts on above? Do you think it's bad that I skipped a few things with friends (because I did feel a little guilt)? When do you realize you might like someone? Is it that first time you sacrifice a few things and/or try a new thing for them? Or is this just a step in many stages of learning that you might light someone?

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