Annoying Girlfriend Behavior: Talking Over the TV

Sometimes a successful relationship is about how little you annoy each other as much as how attracted you are to one another.

woman standing in front of a TV
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Sometimes a successful relationship is about how little you annoy each other as much as how attracted you are to one another.

Which is more accurate to say to your significant other: "I love you, because you're so great"? Or "I love you because you don't annoy me that much"?

My buddy said I'm making progress. I'm accepting that my future girlfriend will annoy me often, and that there is no such thing as a girl that's completely like a guy. And if there is,I won't ruin that friendship with sex. I saying that I only have sex with annoying girls? That's so messed up!

Here's an annoying thing that I must learn to live with in a long-term relationship: talking when the TV is on.

The other day guys in my office were watching SportsCenter's Top 10 plays in silence,except for a few quick words during the tiny lull between each play. Watching these plays with the guys was glorious, and my head was buzzing with the highlight/conversation rhythm.

Tragically a woman co-worker wandered in and started talking to me about something. I didn't really hear her, but my blood boiled slightly because she insisted on talking during this very important moment.

When she left, the guys and I discussed how women don't understand when to talk in relation to the TV. This was a clear example: there were 10 highlights. There was a count down of plays — she knew when it would be over. And it was clear I was with a pack of guys totally engrossed in the highlights, yet she talked like nothing was going on.

One of the guys said his girlfriend cuts in on his TV time with the "are you watching this," line. He's annoyed because he's obviously watching it, but she still asks as if that's going to give her a pass to cut in.

Another guy said: "the only time my wife talks to me is when I'm watching TV."

Keep in mind that most guys have logged hours watching TV with their buddies. It's almost impossible to understand how to fit in with this time as an outsider. In high school my buddies and I would lie there watching TV all weekend (reason 3,214 that we didn't get laid back then) honing our skills.

My senior of college, the TV in our house was on for 22 hours a day. It's not just a gender thing—lame outsider guys can come in and crash the party too, annoyingly talking at the wrong time, or saying stupid things.

One prerequisite I have for a future girlfriend is her ability to watch TV with me: make fun of dumb shows, and time her TV conversation well.

What do you think, is my complaint accurate? What are the little things that guys do that annoy you the most?

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