How To Avoid Giving Out Your Phone Number

The other night I was talking with friends about how awkward it is to meet people at bars.The ensuing date is usually awkward too. The women in the conversation were sharing their frustration with the whole "getting the number" process in t

itting at a bar
(Image credit: Nisian Hughes)

The other night I was talking with friends about how awkward it is to meet people at bars. The women in the conversation were sharing their frustration with the whole "getting the number" process.They feel they have to give their number out to be friendly (and to get a guy to go away if he's hitting on her). But some guys make it tough for girls to be nice.

The common move among guys (I'm guilty of this one too), after getting a girl's number, is calling her phone to confirm that that it's real and that his number is now registered in her phone. Most guys will watch the girl's phone as they call it to make sure there's no funny business going on. Essentially, cell phones have made it impossible for a girl to give a guy the wrong number.

The best way for a girl to avoid that awkward first date is to not give her number out in the first place. As a guy, I know the ins and outs of the phone number game. If a cute girl is giving me any sign of hope, I'm going to try for those digits. I never assume she's just having fun meeting people — I always think she's out to find a date like I am. With that in mind, there are a few ways to avoid having to give out your number:

Safety In Numbers

Most guys won't ask for your number in front of your friends. It's too awkward, and they don't want to risk getting turned down in front of other people. Guys will try to pry a girl away from her friends to get her number, so stick by your friends.

The Cold Shoulder Treatment

If you don't ask questions, avoid eye contact, and maintain the general appearance of someone who is trying to escape, even the most confident guy will probably give up hope.

Beware of Dark Corners

Getting trapped anywhere private with the dude you're trying to avoid will encourage him to try to get your number. He'll read it as you wanting to be alone with him,even though it's accidental.

Just Say No

If a guy asks for your number and you have no intention of going out with him or calling him back, just tell him "no." When a girl denies me like that, I am initially embarrassed and a bit stung. Ultimately, I respect her for not giving me false hope, and avoiding the stupid phone tag game.

Phantom Boyfriend

While most dudes want proof that your phone number is real, they probably won't need proof that a boyfriend is real. They may try to make you feel stupid by saying they wanted your number "as a friend," but they'll back off.