The Signs You And Your Summer Fling Are Ready To Be A Real Thing

How to tell if you're ready to take the next step.

summer fling
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As summer winds down, so does seasonal romances. You say goodbye to the boy you met at the beach as you head back to the city, both of you deciding it's better to just be friends. But the change in season doesn't always represent a change in relationship status. For some blossoming couples, the beginning of fall is a time to take your relationship from casual to serious. A new survey from Merck says that the reasons in the below infographic are the biggest signs that you and your fling are ready to take the plunge into full-on relationship status. These reasons may have the numbers behind him, but we've rounded up a few more signals that your summer romance is ready to be the real deal.

1. You let him see you pre-morning routine. Any guy who loves you sans makeup and bare-faced in the morning is a keeper.

2. He's met your friends—and you've met his. It's not easy to win the approval of your girls—or his guys, but when it happens you're in.

3. You feel comfortable telling him more personal details about your life. The right guy is the one you'll cry in front of after a fight with your friend or a bad day at work.

4. He's the first person you want to share good news with. Nabbed that promotion? Found an extra $20 in your pocket? It's his number you're dialing.

5. He totally understands when you need your alone time. No matter how much you love someone, sometimes you just need to re-watch Sex And The City undisturbed. And he gets that.

6. He'll binge watch your favorite show of the moment with you. And eventually becomes as obsessed as you are.

7. You actually feel comfortable at his place. It's not like a guy's museum of things you shouldn't touch anymore.

8. You make regular appearances on his social media. Even if you're not yet Facebook official, if you're the recipent of wall posts and Instagram tags, he's interested.

Check out the signals with the numbers behind them, from Merck:

summer fling

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