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Trip-Changing Travel Essentials to Always Pack in Your Carry-On

Packing everything you need in such a tiny suitcase is no longer a complicated art.

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Traveling is one of the great joys of life: Your horizons are expanded, you see and taste exotic things, and your social media is peak worldly-but-chill. Packing, on the other hand, is no such soul-elevating experience. Because checking a bag is costly and timely, the art of carry-on curating is an essential skill for every true travelista to master. Here, a round-up of the trip-changing travel essentials to bring with you and tips to alleviate the zit-inducing burden that is packing.

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An Away suitcase (that's fully worth the hype)

The Bigger Carry-On from Away is actually as life-changing as Instagram says it is. Lifetime guaranteed, it has room for at least 6 to 8 outfits and comes with a laundry bag, three different compartments, a removable battery (so you can charge your computer and phone at the gate), and a lock.

Away, $245


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A carry-all duffle bag

If you're an over-packer, a business person, or just a savvy world traveller, Away's Everywhere Bag is another genius way to simplify packing. Just over 16 inches wide and 10.2 inches high (yes, that's small enough to slide under the seat in front of you), the bag securely attaches to any Away carry-on. There's also a hidden, waterproof compartment for storing an umbrella because you never know what the weather will be at your destination.

Away, $195


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A polaroid camera (you'll be the MVP of your trip)

The OneStep2 camera is ready-to-use out of box (you'll just need a pack of i-type film) and creates tangible souvenirs that'll last forever. It will also make you look super hip.

Polaroid, $119


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A chic and silky teddy

Pro tip: Save space by packing a onesie. Especially if you're headed on a rendezvous, a teddy is a savvy choice. But beyond being popular with your bedroom companion, it's nice to feel like a goddess and not sleep in a baggy t-shirt from college every now and then.

Eberjey, $106


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Gummy Bear Rosé

How to live your best life on a plane: Peep image to the left. The limited edition Rosé Gummy Bears Cocktail Kit comes with all of the ingredients necessary to prepare two rosé cocktails, along with Sugarfina gummy bears.

W and P, $25


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A soothing pillow spray

Finally, a chic and non-sketchy way to comfortably fall asleep on a plane. This pillow spray from the gods at REN has a calming blend of essential oils, which helps to restore natural sleep balance and aids natural sleep so you can get your necessary seven hours of shut-eye.

REN Clean Skincare, $25


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A travel-friendly wallet

Featuring spots for three currencies and 13 credit cards, plus a roomy interior pocket, this American-made leather wallet fully eliminates rummaging without compromising style.

Shinola, $295


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Shades that'll look sharp with everything

Pro tip: never travel anywhere without sunglasses in case the paps find you. Here, a failsafe pair from Westward Leaning with posh, mirrored lenses in a pepper tortoise frame that'll work year-round.

Westward Leaning, $185


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An easy breezy midi dress

When in outfit doubt, look no further than a midi dress. Aside from delivering maximum style with minimum effort, midi dresses also offer the seriously underrated travel perk of being able to sit on a train or a plane without feeling the seat on your skin. To the left, a vibrant number that features a zipper and an adjustable waist, so it can do cultural outings during the day and drinks at night.

Boutique Topshop, $185


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Comfy, easy city sneakers

No. 1 travel rule: Only bring comfortable shoes. These Anine Bing city sneakers are particularly traveller-savvy because they take up little space when packed, are white leather (so they'll make any outfit look chic and chill), and are as comfy as it gets.

Anine Bing, $279


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A travel-sized detangling hairbrush

TTYL, knots. Despite its compact size, this sunshiny brush is heroic in its ability to both detangle and style hair. Editorial note: My hair type is long, unruly curls and this brush has become my go-to for traveling, at yoga before work, or whenever I misplace my full-size version at home (happens often, but I digress).

DryBar, $12


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Simple and flattering swimwear

If there's any chance you'll be by a lake, beach, hot tub, or in the general vicinity of a body of water, a flattering one-piece is a must. This gingham suit's flattering cut out packs a punch without running the risk of a wardrobe malfunction.

Eberjey, $169


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Healthy digestion vitamins

A miracle-working vitamin for when you feel bloated while traveling (you know what I'm referring to). Use sparingly and as advised.

HUM Nutrition, $25


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A silk eye mask

If you're flying economy or staying anywhere that doesn't have blackout curtains, don't deny yourself proper, uninterrupted sleep. Luxurious and proven by dermatologists to be better for the skin than typical pillow fabrics, Slip for Beauty Sleep's silk eye mask has become a travel staple of celebrities like Cindy Crawford and Kim Kardashian West.

Slip for beauty sleep, $50


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A denim jacket

Serious question: What would we do without denim jackets? Fashionable since the 1960's, they're a godsend for temperature swings, toning down a loud outfit, and matching virtually everything under the sun.

Levi's, $90


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A wear-with-anything top

Minimal with a subtle lingerie feel, this is the rare top that can be paired with literally anything: denim, leather, a cozy cardigan, dress pants, a wild printed skirt...even a pair of straight-leg sweatpants. Bonus: This wunderkind takes up virtually no space when packed.

Aritzia, $60


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A scalp treatment to restore hair

This pre-shampoo scalp treatment is a game-changer for remedying excessive dryness, excessive oil, and other weather-induced changes in hair (which often occur when you change climates or go to the beach). Just apply it to wet hair before showering and let it sit for 20 minutes, and your scalp will feel anew.

Phyto Phytopolléine, $40


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A thin, leather belt

There's a reason why the skinny belt has withstood the test of time and fads. By breaking up monochromatic outfits and spicing up denim, this small, subtle accessory goes an incredibly long way when it comes to pulling a look together. This particular belt is also a smart way to dip into this season's leopard print craze.

Anine Bing, $199


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Wear-with-anything jeans

No brainer: Bring a comfortable pair of jeans that you'll want to live in f0r the entire trip. Need help narrowing down the search? Here's a pair of mid-rise straight-leg jeans with a raw hem. Fittingly, they're named 'Cult.'

M.i.h Jeans, $225


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A trio of dreamily scented travel-sized perfumes

The beloved French brand's travel-sized trio of best-sellers will help you smell as nice as you look. Be warned that picking a favorite from these three distinct yet brilliantly paired perfumes is a toughie, as they're all beautifully crafted with hints of rose and musk.

BYREDO, $110


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Effortlessly chic and non-flashy bling

A delicate 14-K gold necklace that won't break the bank is a must-have in general, but especially when traveling (read: be smart with what jewelry you bring). Made in a subtle alloy, this piece works perfectly on its own and can also be layered with chains and chokers.

Mejuri, $285


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Statement bling

This choker is loud enough to distract from shameless vacation outfit repeating (we all do it!) and chic enough to pull a look together, day or night.

Roxanne Assoulin, $120


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Fuzzy athleisure

Pack 👏 comfortably 👏 when 👏 traveling. 👏 This TNA sherpa fleece number lends itself to effortless street style and feels snug as a bug.

Aritzia, $188


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A patterned blanket scarf for layering

Forget pumpkin spice lattes, cozy scarves are the real MVP of fall and winter. They're forever fashionable, practical, and necessary if you're headed anywhere with fluctuating temperatures. Aritzia has a number of reversible scarves that can be styled a number of ways if you're looking to get bang for your buck (and multiple outfits from one accessory).

Aritzia, $88


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A miniature facial

Because travel can be physically draining on your skin, this DIY facial is a must. It not only eliminates wasting time and money on a fancy spa treatment, but it works miracles for almost all skin types. To my fellow people with really sensitive skin, this stuff did wonders for me.

Drunk Elephant, $80


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In-ear headphones

Super light with crystal-clear sound, these are a savvy choice for everyday and travel. Pro tip: In-flight entertainment options render wireless options useless, so never forget your corded headphones.

B&O, $149


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The be-all, end-all under eye concealer

Bags are to be lugged around when traveling, not sagging on your face. This nourishing concealer highlights, smooths, and perfects your complexion (so, while you might feel like a jet-lagged zombie, you won't look like one). Six Touche Éclats are sold every minute somewhere in the world, and for good reason: The product is a miracle-worker for the woman-on-the-go.

Yves Saint Laurent, $38


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A do-anything, go-anywhere bag

Ta-da! A sleek, non-boring black bag that works for any and every excursion. Minimal with playful geometric touches and ample storage, it's the only purse you'll need to pack.

Danse Lente, $400


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Blogger booties

Ask yourself: What would Carrie Bradshaw pack? If there was ever a time to be trendy and dip into the lifestyle blogger within, it's on vacation. With a comfortable 2" kitten heel, these bad boys in crisp white still look sharp with virtually all denim and patterned dresses.

One more pro tip: Always wear your bulkiest pair of shoes on the plane to save space in your carry-on.

Sam Edelman, $140


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A versatile eyeshadow palette

Small in size, this subtle or sultry palette includes four shades in warm, golden hues that can be mixed to create a multitude of different day-to-night looks. Whether you're headed for brunch or a night out, the brightening effect won't even need a filter.

Charlotte Tilbury, $39


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