Bradley and Abbie's Famous On-Screen Romances

Who else steamed up the screen with Bradley and Abbie over the years? Check out their famous movie couplings.
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It's every girl's dream to have our deadbeat, shampoo-challenged "writer" boyfriend all of a sudden transform into the smartest, most motivated guy around. So what if he has to take a top-secret drug to make it happen? When Cooper pops the pill, he discovers fashion, has a new appreciation for the finer things in life, and, um, speaks Italian. Cornish is one lucky lady.
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The A-Team

Nothing's more thrilling than the chase, and Jessica Biel and Cooper give each other a good run in this fun action flick. We love how Biel's character was evenly matched with Cooper's cocky Faceman — and their great makeout scene, of course!
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Bright Star

Watching Ben Whishaw charm Cornish in this film about the passionate relationship between John Keats and his lover Fanny Brawne suddenly gave us an interest in Romanticism — the literary kind. And course, the British accents help.
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Wedding Crashers

Alright, so douchey Sack Lodge (yes, that's his name) wasn't a great match for Rachel McAdam's Claire Cleary… or pretty much anyone, for that matter. But that doesn't change the fact that Cooper, in his 2005 breakout role, still looked super-hot in a rugby shirt. Even his crazy eyes had us salivating.
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Wartime dramas aren't necessarily the most romantic of films. And watching a relationship dissolve after a soldier returns from his tour of duty in Iraq a very changed man isn't the most romantic of plotlines. But! Channing Tatum is super-buff… so you can at least enjoy the man-candy, right?  
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He's Just Not that Into You

Cooper once again plays the dog in this romantic drama, but this time, he's torn between two ladies: the stunning Jennifer Connelly (his wife) and the super-sexy Scarlett Johansson (his not-wife). It's hard to feel bad for a man in such a precarious position, but Cooper does depict the breakdown of a marriage accurately and sensitively — aside from him being a cheater and all.
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Don't let the title of this 2006 flick fool you. It's nowhere near sugary sweet. Cornish plays a drug addict who falls in love with another junkie, played by the late Heath Ledger. Watching their passionate, heroin-fueled relationship crash and burn is a bit depressing, but the love scenes are pretty fantastic.
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Case 39

True, the trailer alone for this 2009 horror flick is one of the creepiest things we've seen in a long time. But it casts Cooper alongside his one-time real-life leading lady, Renée Zellweger. So, while it's not super-romantic in the context of the film, we're pretty sure sparks were flying off-screen.
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Elizabeth: The Golden Age

In this period piece, Cornish finds herself choosing between her loyalty to the Queen and romance with the hottie the Queen has a thing for, too. Loyalty loses, and Cornish's character winds up arrested for her betrayal. But we're guessing Clive Owen was probably worth it.
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All About Steve

It's hard to imagine Sandra Bullock being desperate, but she plays a girl so obsessed with Cooper's character that she follows him all across the country — even though the feelings aren't mutual. This one wins the award for "cutest stalking." (Fair warning: It also won a few Razzies.)
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In Cornish's breakout role, she winds up falling for a boy — played by Sam Worthington — who is struggling with his sexuality. Whoops. But, really, just look at him! We probably would have made that mistake, too.
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New York, I Love You

The super-awkward aftermath of a one-night stand is front-and-center in this vignette-style film starring Cooper and Drea de Matteo. But the back-seat hookup session makes it all worth it.
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A Good Year

ornish is the queen of playing star-crossed lovers, so it's nice to see her do a light-hearted rom-com now and then. Okay, so she and Russell Crowe aren't technically a couple in this film, but you just know he couldn't help but sneak a peek during that scene where she walks around the house stark naked.
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