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What should be at the top of the stack on your nightstand? Our list of favorite reads.


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    The Emily Dickinson Reader By Paul Legault

    Back to the future: If Emily Dickinson had a Tumblr, these witty one-liners are what she'd be posting. Anthology notes: If you've never cared about poetry, you will after reading these modern-day renderings of the entire body of Emily Dickinson's work. That's 1,789 poems. Example No. 206 via translator Legault: "I am shy around you because I like you." Or, No. 314: "Hope is kind of like birds. In that I don't have any." Perfect accessory: The publisher, McSweeney's, has a knack for gorgeous books — cover and content. You'll want to not only display this one on your coffee table but also read it from start to finish.

    J. Muckle/Studio D
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