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What should be at the top of the stack on your nightstand? Our list of favorite reads.


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    Four New Messages By Joshua Cohen

    Literary sensation: Cohen, a key member of the United States' under-40 writers' club (along with Nell Freudenberger and Jonathan Safran Foer), is a rare talent who makes highbrow writing fun and accessible. Plot notes: Four short stories about the perils and pitfalls of living in a digital world, from the downward spiral that occurs when a drug dealer is exposed on a blog, to what happens when a journalist finds himself in a Russian town full of Internet porn stars. Street cred: Just as indie music and movies have come to have a certain cachet, indie books are having their moment. This collection is published by the 38-year-old Graywolf Press, one of the nation's top nonprofit indie presses.

    J. Muckle/Studio D
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