It's Like Invasion of the Doppelgangers in Hollywood Right Now


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Not that they need our pity, but celebrities sometimes occasionally very rarely have it hard too. There's the no-privacy thing, the can't-hit-the-high-notes-Zayn-used-to-sing thing, and, as of, like, now, the rash-of-twins-popping-up-all-over-the-world thing. Aren't you glad you're not famous enough for your carbon copy to find/destroy you?

Here, we track the beginning of Lookalikepocalypse, beginning with a Taylor Swift Tumblr post and ending with a clone war. LOL. (But not really.)

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"Hello, it's me, your Swedish twin because real life is sometimes like The Lizzie McGuire Movie." —22-year-old Ellinor Hellborg, who probably can't sing like Adele but can certainly do her makeup well enough.

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Classic soft cut crease

A post shared by Ellinor Hellborg (@ellinorhellborg) on

Believability index: 5.7/10

Taylor Swift for the 945,738th time

If you're reading this, it's too late (not that it will matter very soon): The world is being overtaken by Taylor Swift androids, and after they finish infiltrating China, they will amass a Taylor Swift android army against which resistance is futile. It was nice knowing you. 

Here is the latest TSA to emerge, one Keitra Jane, who is allegedly a 21-year-old University of Utah student. You can see that in this model of the TSA, they've included an Olivia Benson android. 

Goodnight world 🐈💤 #marissacooperthecat

A post shared by Keitra Jane 🍦 (@keitrajane) on

Believability index: 6.5/10, but they're working on it

Taylor Swift yet again

While Swifty doppelgangers have made their way onto this list twice before, the "Out of the Woods" singer's latest lookalike is nothing like the first two. In fact, she looked like Taylor Swift before Taylor Swift looked like Taylor Swift. She's Reddit user Christmaspencil's grandma in a post titled "When your Grandma looks like Taylor Swift and your Grandpa looks like Hugh Hefner's Brother":

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OMG, you guys. The eyes! 👀 

Believability index: 7/10

Kim Kardashian and North West

Toronto-based fashion blogger Kamilla Osman not only looks EXACTLY like Kim—the glow, pouty lips, immaculate arches, hourglass physique et al—she's even got her own baby North. Mind = blown.

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Believability index: 11/10

Taylor Swift again

Okay, this one we can't shake off. Meet Olivia Sturgiss, the 19-year-old Target employee living in Australia who has blonde hair, blue eyes, and an affinity for red lips, cats, and scribbling words on Polaroids. Sound like anyone you know? She even has the same haircut as Taylor Swift—though that part was intentional she told The Daily Mail Australia. Everything else? The kind of natural coincidence that doppelgänger dreams are made of. See for yourself: 

Was feeling a more natural/beachy look today... #nofilterneeded #beachlook #naturalmakeup #onthewaytowork #vainmuch

A post shared by Olivia Claire (@olivia_oblivious) on

Is it a bird? Is it a cat-lover? #noitsliv #catmosphere #sydney #cats

A post shared by Olivia Claire (@olivia_oblivious) on

Just wait til I get a haircut soon. 💇🏼 #gonnagoshortagain #raybans #redlipclassic #FaceofLocalSupply

A post shared by Olivia Claire (@olivia_oblivious) on

Here's a side-by-side in case you aren't yet convinced: 

And here they are side-by-side IRL. Mind. Blown. 

Believability index: 8/10

Miley Cyrus

When your Instagram bio reads "Riot Grrrl-vegan-hippie," it's not hard to guess after whom you're modeling yourself. Mardee Shackleford told the Daily Mail youths sometimes even yell "Miley" out their windows at her in traffic, which seems like not-great vehicular safety. 

🌺🌼🌸I'm liking the textures in my hair right about now👱 Easy AF to style so it's perfect for me. 💁

A post shared by Riot Grrrl🍓☇ (@mardeeraquel) on

Believability index: 2/10

Kendall Jenner

While watching X Factor, the folks at Cosmo UK were like, "Oi. That bird's facial features are similar to those of a famous woman."  The celebrity would be Kendall Jenner, and her doppelgänger would be blonde, 17 years old, and named Louisa Johnson. 

Happppyyyyyyy 😜😜😜😜😜

A post shared by Louisa (@louisa) on


A post shared by Louisa (@louisa) on

A little? 


A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

Believability index: 3.2/10

Leonardo DiCaprio

We live in a world in which there are two Leonardo DiCaprios, except one of them is not actually young, floppy-haired Leonardo DiCaprio but a Swedish dude named Konrad Annerud who has an EP on Spotify. 

Finally 🍷🍝🇮🇹

A post shared by Konrad Annerud (@konradannerud) on

Back in the game @danielbaardh hahah #fakkingselfie

A post shared by Konrad Annerud (@konradannerud) on

Okay, but would he sleep in an animal carcass? WOULD HE EAT RAW BISON LIVER? Didn't think so. The defense rests.

Believability index: 3.6/10

Kylie Jenner

Gabrielle Waters of Hartland, Michigan calls Kylie Jenner her idol, dresses like her, and even copies her mannerisms. But does she do the hair colors too?


A post shared by ♛Gabrielle♛ (@gabywaters23) on

Believability index: 4/10

Ashton Kutcher

Three v. important things we learned from this tweet: 1) Mila Kunis watches Bachelor in Paradise. 2) Ashton Kutcher doesn't. 3) BIP contestant Jared Haibon exists.

Believability index: 5.3/10

Angelina Jolie again

When she's not attending weddings at venues with tartan-covered staircases, 24-year-old Chelsea Marr *could* be making good money as a professional Angelina Jolie impersonator.

Cheeky facey👀

A post shared by Chelsea Marr (@chelsealoumarr) on


A post shared by Chelsea Marr (@chelsealoumarr) on

Career option #2: Star in reboot of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Because you know it's bound to happen.

Believability index: 5/10

Megan Fox

The internet has spoken, and once again, its message was "That girl looks like a famous woman." This time, the original is Megan Fox, and the carbon-ish copy is 20-year-old Claudia Alende of Parana, Brazil, whose claim to fame is competing in the 2014 Miss Bum Bum competition, which is exactly what it sounds like.

@alendeclaudia 🙌 @trendfashionday @trendfashionday ✨

A post shared by Cláudia Alende (@claudiaalende) on

💙 @alendeclaudia @alendeclaudia 👈

A post shared by Cláudia Alende (@claudiaalende) on

Believability index: 6/10

Angelina Jolie

In 2011, self-described flat-chested, frizzy-haired Canadian Veronika Black started lip fillers. Then suddenly, as she told the Daily Mail, people started mistaking her for a human rights activist and mother of (possibly) seven.

Believability index: 4/10

Prince George

Total Prince and the Pauper situation, although who can say which George is cheekier?

Believability index: 9/10

Taylor Swift

After Swifty herself named her the Chosen One on Tumblr, Morgan Jensen was understandably very excited. "When I saw [Taylor] had reblogged it I screamed and threw my phone and for the next 6 hours after that I was an ugly mess," she told Cosmopolitan. "Taylor is everything and the fact that she saw my face and thought it looked like hers—I died!"

We imagine it kind of went down like this:

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Believability index: 4/10

Cara Delevingne

The Internet discovered this 14-year-old from Uruguay and crowned her Mini Cara. You can see the resemblance...if you squint a little.

Believability index: 6.2/10

Katy Perry

Then they went to Kinko's, printed out that selfie, and stuck it into a "Life made us sisters, love made us friends" frame.

Believability index: 7/10

Professor Snape

Psych! Now that the spoiler statute of limitations has passed, Snape can finally reveal that he did not, in fact, die protecting Harry/the memory of his sainted mother, but instead went dark working as an American Airlines gate agent based in New York.

Believability index: 7.3/10

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