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MARIE CLAIRE: Have you always been a fan of Project Runway?

ALYSSA MILANO: Yes! My husband [CAA agent David Bugliari] and I have watched it since the first season.

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MC: Now that you've done both reality and regular television, which one do you prefer?

AM: They're rewarding in different ways. With Mistresses, there's a creative fulfillment that comes along with playing a character. Project Runway All Stars was about being present in the moment. Reality TV is not about acting, it's about reacting. I found that very liberating.

MC: What was it like being on a judging panel with designers Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi?

AM: They are complete pros. I've never seen people give insults masked as compliments as well as they do.

MC: How did you hit it off with the guest judges?

AM: Gabourey Sidibe [episode four] was hilarious. She's the kind of girl you want to invite everywhere. She had the quote of the season: "I kind of base fashion on whether or not Beyoncé would wear it."

MC: Which contestants stood out to you as front-runners?

AM: Jeffrey Sebelia and Korto Momolu.

MC: How did your experience working on your own clothing line influence your ability to judge the designers?

AM: I had a better appreciation for choices that were made, fabrics that were used, and time constraints.

MC: Did anything surprise you about hosting Project Runway All Stars?

AM: I have heard that reality TV can be staged, so I was blown away by how raw the emotion was. I thought there was going to be a team of people telling me what to do, and that would have ruined the show for me.

MC: What's the key to being a great host?

AM: Allow yourself to be opinionated and don't worry about being disliked or wrong. Allow what's in your heart to come out. And be yourself.

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