15 Balms for Keeping Your Lips Soft and Kissable This Winter

The weather may be turning frightful, but that doesn’t mean your smile has to follow suit. Prevent or treat chapped lips caused by the cold, wind, and dry indoor heat with these top intensely moisturizing salves, balms, tints, and lipsticks.


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    The Standby

    We pick up Aquaphor Lip Repair in bulk at the drugstore. With its affordable price, we then don’t have to worry that it gets stashed in just about every coat and purse in our wardrobes. The handy basic veils lips to seal in moisture, coddles them with shea butter, helps them battle environmental damage with vitamins C and E, and soothes them with chamomile essence. What it doesn’t deliver? Fragrance, preservatives, or dyes, which makes it an especially good pick for anyone with sensitive skin.

    Aquaphor Lip Repair, $4.99; walgreens.com

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