Aries Weekly Horoscope

Here's what's in store for you the week of September 26.


You are saucier than you let on. In fact you're quite good at this, though it tends to get in the way of your fun. Imagine yourself at your wildest and most outrageous. Then see if you can move 10% of the way in that direction. That would be just enough to get you out of your familiar safe zone and into some territory where you feel different and get different responses from people. You won't be committing to much, or risk losing control, but what you'll have is the experience of exploring an edge of your personality. That's where the action is, when you want to feel fresh and alive and like you're taking a chance on living. You'll also notice different people than you're usually aware of, by which I mean that even if you troop around the same neighborhood all week, stepping outside your usual bounds will cue you into the existence of people you'll be very happy you noticed.

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