Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Here's what's in store for you the week of September 19.


You will only act on one condition, which is your own willingness. It's important that you not be fooled by some other idea, or try to fool yourself. This puts you into control of your own life, to the extent that such is possible. You might, then, focus on willingness as your primary way of relating to life. Whatever may be motivating you, that means working with what you want, or with whatever goal you want to achieve. Presumably, if you want the goal, you will be willing to take the steps to get there. Those will invariably involve some tasks you like more than others, and some that you prefer less than others. They are all part of the same process, as is working with some people you fancy more and some you fancy less. What matters is that you understand what you want to happen, and what it will take to accomplish that; and understand that reaching the goal means not resisting any step along the way -- or else changing your goal to suit your needs.

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