Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Here's what's in store for you the week of November 28.


Take it as it comes. That's the best approach to your relationships right now. Someone close to you has been through a particularly challenging transformation. You may have been involved, directly or indirectly. Here's the thing to remember, at this juncture. People arrive in your life with what they have to offer: their integrity, their desire to share, their growth needs, their unfinished business, and whatever gratitude they might offer. You might take some time and space to observe what changes they're experiencing, and how they're making sense of their new self-perception. Remember that this is a kind of reflection for you. There's information available that will shift your perception of yourself and of your relationships. This may turn out to be a profound life-lesson disguised as something ordinary. Your relationship orientation is likely to have been shifted by this event. Now, gently plot the way forward -- that is, your way forward.

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