Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Here's what's in store for you the week of November 28.


Continue to tread consciously and carefully in your relationships. There are many layers to what is going on. What is happening on the surface is merely an invitation to look deeper, including into the dark corners. You will need to penetrate through the layers of confusion and deception to get to the real material. Over the next eight weeks, this will invariably lead you into family constellations that set up the current scenario of your life. Be mindful that no one discovery will explain everything. Along the way, though, there will be many revelations, each of which takes you to a deeper place. You will need to keep an open mind, and not cling to any one discovery as a 'cause'. To do this, it will help if you have a circumspect point of view: keep your senses moving, and alert, and pay as much attention to the background as you do to the figures in the foreground. Here's one last clue: you will learn much from studying the relationships of your ancestors, from your parents back at least three generations.

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