Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Here's what's in store for you the week of January 16.


With so much happening in your opposite sign Pisces, you may feel like you have to disappear or be overwhelmed. Perhaps take the opposite approach and dive into the fray. You can afford to take bigger risks than you think; by which I mean social, creative and erotic experiments. You're more conservative by nature than you may imagine yourself to be, by which I mean averse to what seems like taking chances. However, the little kid in you wants to have some fun. You seem to be feeling curious and you want to express that. You're not going to go off the rails if you do—though you're likely to discover something completely unexpected that will influence how you see yourself, and experience yourself. Any actual creative or amorous experience requires entering unknown territory. Then in that new and unpredictable space, you get to respond on the spot. That's art; that's love.

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