Libra Weekly Horoscope

Here's what's in store for you the week of September 26.


This week's meeting of the Sun and Jupiter in your birth sign is nothing short of a glorious invitation to live, to live fully, and to live well. It's also about your newfound ability to make solid and tangible what was, before this time, wispy and lacking form. You now have some firm, fertile soil to sink your roots into, and to grow tall in. You can think of Jupiter in your birth sign as an opportunity to redefine yourself -- how you experience and perceive yourself, and how you want others to experience you. You can magnify the elements of your character that you want to emphasize: such as talents or skills, or things you might not feel you ordinarily have the privilege of expressing. Think of any aspect of yourself that you love but tend to hide. You might think of this as a giant coming-out party. It's time!

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