Libra Weekly Horoscope

Here's what's in store for you the week of December 5.


You may find it challenging to say what you want to say. A few things may be happening, one of which is that you're having some difficulty putting your message into words. You might feel it's too large or encompassing to communicate accurately or meaningfully. Consider that you won't ever get it 'perfect', and that you don't need to. You mainly need to capture the spirit of what you feel and relay it as best you can. Then guide the conversation onward, even if it takes several days or a week to get there. You're working your way through some layers, down toward something that resembles a core truth. Rather than being some concept or abstract idea, this is about you discovering who you are in the process of trying to describe who you are. Follow your feelings toward that core inner truth rather than your words. It's true that words count, but not as much as what you're feeling.

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