Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Here's what's in store for you the week of December 5.


Be conscious of where you direct your energy. Your words and your ideas have more impact than you may imagine. Resist the temptation to argue on your own behalf, especially if you know you're right. In that case, let the power of truth do the work for you. You might say, "I don't think you're correct," or, "Let's take a deeper look at the facts," though that's not quite arguing. Stay in control at all times. Your vibes are more persuasive and have more impact than your words or your ideas at this particular point, and that's very persuasive indeed. Given that, you might take up the causes of those who don't have your voice or your power. This can include in your intimate relationships, where you recognize subtle (or not-so-subtle) injustices and speak up on behalf of the underdog. Take the occasion to notice any way you might be being unfair to others and correct that first.

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