12 Great Winter Date Ideas

Hot tub date, anyone?

Too cold outside? We have you covered with some warmer date night ideas.

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1 Go Ice Skating

Ice skating and hot cocoa practically scream *winter date*. Plus, we can't wait to plan a super cute outfit around skates.

2 Ice Sculpture Shows

Guys, ice sculpture shows are totally a thing. (We're not kidding.) Go to one. Don't ask questions—you'll be seriously amazed by the creations and can maybe bribe someone to carve you into a bust. Christmas party decorations, anyone?

3 Hot Tub Time

This one is pretty self-explanatory. And streamy. 😏

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4 Go Sledding

Grab a sled from your garage (or nab a plastic one at most pharmacy chains), head to a snowy hill, and prepare for an adorable day day. (And FYI, this idea is great for group dates.)

5 Head to the Farmers' Market

Strawberries may not be in season, but that doesn't mean your local farmers' market doesn't have a ton of cold-weather options. Pick up some quality organic ingredients and head back to your place to make a warm, tasty meal.

6 Fireplace S'mores

A good rule of thumb for first dates is, if it was fun in elementary school, it's doubly fun now. Take advantage of the cooler weather and get the fireplace going, rip open a bag of marshmallows, and make some s'mores.

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7 Netflix and Stay Warm

You can each pick one of your more obscure favorite films, load up on snacks, choose the most comfortable couch, and hit the lights for your very own mini film festival.

8 Hockey Games

No matter if you're a fan or not, hockey is great because you get to watch aggressive people duke it out over a small puck—on skates. Plus, snacks.

9 Game Night

If stepping outside really isn't an option, whip out some boardgames and cards. And to keep from getting bored, a friendly game of strip poker never hurt anyone...just sayin'.

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10 Snowball Fight

If you two are a couple with some issues to sort out, this could be quite therapeutic. If you're trying to leave your anger issues out of it, make this "fight" a cute competition.