This CBD Bath Bomb Is Going Viral for Making You Feel Really, Uh, Relaxed

A whole new meaning to the word relaxation.

Okay, let's cut to the chase: You can now soak in a tub filled with cannabidiol, i.e. CBD oil (you know, that stuff that vaguely reminds you of pot, even though you know it's not technically pot...right? Right).

The skincare brand Life Elements just released an entire line of CBD oil-infused products, including sugar scrubs, chapsticks, and, of course, my personal favorite, bath bombs. The Bliss Ball Bath Bombs come in three different "strengths," depending on how much you want to, um, relax, and will cost you anywhere between $14 to $20.

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But if you think that hopping into a CBD-filled tub will leave you feeling high as a kite, you're sadly mistaken. Because CBD oil doesn't actually contain THC—i.e. the ingredient in weed that gets you high. Nope, CBD is just a non-psychotropic extract from a marijuana plant that is thought to help with anxiety, pain relief, and inflammation when used topically or internally. So, good news, it's pretty much legal everywhere.


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Though CBD is the cool new ingredient that virtually all brands are now adding to their beauty products, there's no real evidence that proves its effectiveness. “There’s definitely a lack of research on the subject, but the studies that are out there suggest that CBD is anti-inflammatory,” said Joyce Imahiyerobo-Ip, MD, director of cosmetic dermatology at South Shore Medical Center in MA, in an interview with

Which means, sure, theoretically, sitting in a bath filled with CBD oil could turn your stiff muscles into putty, though don't expect miracles or, you know, a high. Still, I'm down to try anything that could possibly make my tired-ass muscles feel better, so BRB as I go buy a dozen of these bath bombs.


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