10 Matte Nail Designs You'll Want to Try This Fall

Whoever said matte was dull?

(Image credit: Instagram/Design by Dana Tepper)

Matte gets a bad reputation for, well, being a boring, stick-in-the-mud nail finish. But the new wave of blank space nails and the chrome mani trend have ushered in a whole new way to dress up matte finishes with festive accoutrements and less-is-more designs. Here, see 10 of our favorite ways to matte-ify our nails, just in time for fall—glove and sock season be damned.

1. Matte + Chrome

2. Fine Points

3. Water Droplets

4. The Halo Effect

5. Minimalist Blocking

6. Modern Art

7. Ombre

8. Glitter Talons

9. Chrome Swoops

10. Harlequin Stripes

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Lori Keong