Amazon's Baebody Eye Gel Has 13,000 Rave Reviews

Meet the world's most-popular under-eye product.

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There are a few times when, just like your mom always said, you shouldn’t do something just because everyone else is. You know—jumping off a cliff, smoking cigarettes, getting your tongue pierced when you’re 12, etc. But there’s one time when you definitely should follow that mob mentality, and it’s when 13,000 people collectively decide that the best under-eye cream is the $24 Baebody Eye Gel on Amazon. Then, yes, you most definitely should give into the peer pressure.

The Hype

While doing my usual nightly Amazon browsing, I noticed that one eye cream consistently popped up in every beauty search, and for good reason: It had 13,430 glowing reviews. The product, Baebody Eye Gel, is in a nondescript white jar, and says it’s effective at doing virtually everything, including anti-aging, firming, hydrating, puffiness, dark circles, and “fights look of wrinkles.”

Normally, I’d be skeptical of any product that claims to be all-in-one magical, especially since most eye creams are kind of bogus, offering nothing extra that your normal face cream doesn’t already contain. But can 13,000 people really be that wrong?

“The wrinkles under my eye have lessened a lot and my upper eyelid looks so much tighter and less droopy, which was an unexpected bonus,” writes one verified purchaser, whose before-and-after photos are legitimately impressive. “This gel actually works! I use under my eyes, on my eyelids, and also where crow’s feet would be,” writes another customer. “I've only been using this for a little over a week and can see a dramatic difference.”

The Details

So what’s in this product that makes it so special? Honestly, not a ton—it’s surprisingly pretty natural. Its main ingredients are well-known skin hydrators, like aloe, jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, cucumber extract, along with an antioxidant called matrixyl 3000. The rest of the ingredients are fairly benign, just some plant extracts and vitamin E.



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Realistically, there isn’t some magical ingredient (like retinol) in this gel that’ll revolutionize the look of your skin, which means you shouldn’t expect to see shocking, overnight results. However, there are enough hydrating, moisturizing, and soothing ingredients in the formula to temporarily plump fine lines, give the illusion of brighter skin, and soothe irritation.

And, according to in-house clinical trials conducted by the manufacturer of matrixyl 300 (and, thus, definitely biased), the antioxidant led to a decrease in both wrinkle density and volume with consistent use. So it’s quite possible that these five-star reviews are based in fact, and not just weird internet hype.

Still, the only way to find out whether or not it really works is to try it out for yourself. Luckily, it’s pretty affordable, and even if you hate it on your face, you can still use it as a body or neck moisturizer without having to waste it. And that’s a win-win, right?