Michelle Obama Glows In Glossier's Newest Lip Shade in New Orleans

Michelle Obama spoke at the Essence Festival in New Orleans this past weekend. She's wearing one of the latest Glossier lip gloss shades that just debuted: Red.

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Michelle Obama spoke at the Essence Festival in New Orleans this past weekend, and lo and behold she's wearing one of the latest Glossier lip gloss shades (Red) that just debuted. Michelle looked amazing, with a gorgeous dark sequined jumpsuit and her natural curly ombre hair, and she wore silver hoops and rings to accent the ensemble. 

Even better, the look is shoppable and affordable. I happen to be a Glossier megafan, and they keep coming out with interesting and innovative products like Bubblewrap. I do like their Generation G, but it's a drier, more matte look, so I am dying to try this new lip gloss color. Their other new color is Holographic, which of course I'll probably end up getting too (I love me some nude, shimmery gloss).

The lip color is just the perfect, subtle pop to go with the outfit. Michelle's makeup artist Carl Ray told Into the Gloss exactly what he was going for: "I wanted Michelle Obama to look fresh, polished and glowing...Given Essence Fest is in New Orleans in July, I wanted to keep in mind the summer heat and humidity, so I made sure to keep her makeup sheer and radiant. Coming off the Becoming book tour, her looks have been glamorous and unique—the Essence festival was yet another opportunity to really showcase everything about women empowerment."

Carl listed every product he used on his Instagram (he's the real MVP, honestly):

I love the whole look, including her natural curls—the lip color is the icing on this perfect, perfect cake.

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