Tom Ford Is Coming Out With Skincare

Gird your loins (and your bank accounts).

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Tom Ford, you’ve done it again. The icon's eponymous empire—which already made waves in beauty when a makeup line was introduced in 2011—is expanding its reach into new territory: skincare.

The addition, Tom Ford Research, is the next step in his partnership with Estée Lauder. And it's not anything like the plethora of pointless products out there that guarantee results, but do more for the look of your vanity than your skin. This one’s all about chemistry-driven skincare–it was born out of collaboration with scientists and dermatologists to ensure products actually perform as promised.

“I wanted to start a serious skincare arm and have it be science-based. This is a real skincare product and regimen," Ford told WWD in an interview about the forthcoming line. "I’m not a designer who has thrown his name on a beautifully packaged cream."

The research has already debuted at the American Academy of Dermatology Conference and is in the process of being published in various academic journals. Perfectionist that he is, it took Ford 74 different tries before landing on the right formula. Lucky cocktail no. 75 includes the formulation's three key ingredients at their most powerful potency, plus hyaluronic acids, and various peptides for super hydration.

So what are these star ingredients? Caffeine, known to help brighten and energize skin by locking sodium ions in your body, is the VIP player. It's paired with white porcelain cacao for protecting skin from harmful toxins and enhancing natural energy flow, and an amino acid-rich Japanese green tea called gyokuro to boost theanine levels and soothe sensitive skin.

But don’t just take our word for it: Clinical trials on over 200 men and women showed that the products brightened skin, reduced pores and lines, and improved hydration levels. Bonus points for being unisex (yes, your SO can use it too).

Luxury products designed for all skin types that harness the power of natural and science-driven ingredients? Color us truly impressed, Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Research Serum Concentrate ($350) and Crème Concentrate ($450) launch in August, and three more products, including an eye cream, will debut in spring 2020.

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