This New Eye Cream Erases Dark Circles and Smoothes Fine Lines

La Prairie's latest eye cream is skincare gold.

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The truth is my skin doesn't get the sleep it deserves. But even if my reality is five to six hours of sleep per night, that doesn't mean I have to look like it. Instead, I employ skincare products to make up for my non-stop lifestyle. Thankfully, La Prairie just released its new White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire, which uses science and technology to make my skin not only come alive, but thrive.

Below, I answer all your eye cream questions and let you in on what happened when I gave this expensive cream a four month test-drive.

Why Should I Even Care About Eye Cream?

Well, if you're reading this, you care—and nearly everyone does. According to a study noted by La Prairie, 72 percent of women are concerned about the tired look of their eyes. So, you're not alone. No one person's skin is the same, and that includes the skin on our under-eye area, which we inadvertently put though a whole lot. Dermatologists agree that simply stepping outside and facing pollution, sun exposure, and other environmental stressors can lead to dark circles. Other life things (like lack of sleep, aging, a poor diet) can cause puffiness, dark shadows, bags, and beyond.

This is why getting your hands on a hardworking eye cream—one that's not all talk but actually, really does work—is important. Look for one with targeted ingredients to combat every complaint you have.

What's So Special About This Eye Cream?

La Prairie's latest innovation goes even deeper than providing anti-aging benefits. Here are all the things it is touted for: It is a powerful tool for firmness, fine lines, and wrinkles, but it also brightens and illuminates the eye area with a long-lasting radiance that smoothes out shadows. On top of that, it improves discoloration and dullness from pollution and neutralizes the area with brightness.

Indisputably, this product's impressive lineup of ingredients is what makes this cream, well, the cream of the crop. It's formulated with a patented molecule called Lumidose, an active ingredient which acts as an enzyme of light. What this means is that it brings lots of luminosity that improves the overall color, reflection, and shape of your eye area overtime. This cream specifically targets chromatic disturbances, which cause grey, brown, and red tints in the eye area.

And it includes one of the fanciest ingredients of all: golden caviar. Besides the glorious luxury of bathing your skin in caviar (I mean, how chic), it works to speed up collagen production. Collagen production is what forms a strong dermal cell structure in your eye area, and that creates a firm and lifted look. Lumidose and golden caviar, combined with shea butter, ginseng, and licorice root extracts work together to increase moisture, luminosity, cellular regeneration, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and decrease puffiness.

What Are Its Anti-Aging Benefits?

This cream helps resolve sagging skin around the eye area by adding extra elasticity. The easiest way to think of it is like a non-invasive eye lift. For optimal results, I pair this cream with La Prairie's Skin Caviar Eye Lift Serum. Suddenly, my sleep-deprived skin looks like I just woke up at my leisure—bright-eyed and bushy-tailed—on vacation. I'm not, but I'll take it.

How Do I Apply It?

In the morning, after I cleanse, tone, and apply serum, I tap the cream around my eye area with my ring finger, starting at the inner corners of my under-eyes, working my way up to below my brow bone then back again creating a full circle in a "press and roll" motion, as the brand refers to it. It essentially means tapping—not tugging—the cream onto the skin then gently massaging it in. It feels like a soft veil of fresh, silky goodness. The texture holds some weight, so it's not exactly light and airy—instead, it's thick and springy, not too dense or heavy. I spend about thirty seconds max applying this both morning and night.

At night I have more time and treat my skincare routine like a ritual. That's when I use the sparkly ceramic pearl that comes with the cream (it's not only meant to look pretty). Massaging the cream into the skin with the tool is said to offer lymphatic drainage along with microcirculation, thanks to its cooling feel and the rolling action. I like it extra cold, so I pop the ceramic pearl in my fridge beforehand. Basically my bathroom turns into an at-home spa and I'm even more ready for bed.

What Are the Results?

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I've been using this cream for the past four months and my eyes have never glowed like this. In the morning, I suffer from sunken lines underneath my eyes from sleep deprivation and stress. After splashing water on my skin, toning, and moisturizing, my final step is applying this cream. In a half hour, those sleep lines are completely erased and I have a dewy, glow around my eye area that lingers; in turn, I use less concealer. (In the above photo, I'm not wearing a lick of makeup.) The active ingredients work overtime during my beauty sleep, so I wake up with radiant, plump eyes. After four weeks, I stopped waking up with sleep lines at all. After eight weeks, I didn't see any dullness. I'm convinced this stuff is like a magic trick in a jar.

Is It Worth the Price?

The only way to reason spending this much money ($550) on a skincare product is if it's going to bring your skin real results. Because of this eye cream, I've stopped relying on concealer like a crutch, and that speaks volumes to how powerful this is. But beyond that short-term improvement, good eye cream can act like insurance for your skin—you invest in it as a preventative measure. It's a hefty purchase, but the cost is a fraction of the price of surgical eye treatments, which many women consider as signs of aging become more permanent. I believe, your skin is worth saving up for.

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