Why Kate Somerville's DeliKate Recovery Cream Is Worth It

My honest take on why you should spend your money on this product during quarantine.

Kate Somerville's DeliKate Recovery Cream
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Kate Somerville DeliKate Recovery Cream


You're stressed so your skin is stressed. Everything that happens on the outside is a reflection of what's going on the inside. But it's okay, beauty products like Kate Somerville's latest Recovery Cream can help salvage your skin during the toughest of times, like this surreal experience we're all in together. Whether it be the triggering news alerts, the comfort food you've been indulging in, or all the new products you've been over-doing it with, a multitude of factors are impacting skin right now and this recovery cream is here to solve any sort of ailment that's erupted. Think of it as damage control for over-stressed skin, redness, inflammation, irritation, dryness, tightness, and more.

This cream is a part of Kate Somerville's newest collection: Delikate, made for those with sensitive skin who are experiencing irritation and need calming, soothing ingredients. The collection is comprised of a cleanser ($38), serum ($85), and this cream (my absolute favorite), which work together or individually to soothe and smooth away your skin woes. These targeted products are problem-solvers, also known as 911 products you call on when skin shit really hits the fan.

Made of a peptide complex and ceramides, this recovery cream reverses the look of redness and inflammation while also strengthening the skin's barrier against environmental stressors and dryness. It has a concentrated dose of tasmannia lanceolate fruit extract, which is incredibly calming and will ease your skin into a relaxed state. And, it's completely fragrance-free. Essentially, it's a straightforward, no nonsense moisturizer that will deliver feel-good skin upon demand.


Although this product is officially dubbed a calming cream, I've nicknamed it my crisis cream. As positive as we're all aiming to be during quarantine, being confined to four walls isn't the most skin-friendly environment. I'm grateful for the plant-filled room I've been burning copious amounts of candles in for the past six weeks, but I'm not grateful for the rough, dry, inflamed patches that have appeared on random parts of my skin thanks to the extra-large windows towering over my side of the bed. The view is great for natural light—not so great for protecting skin. My skin is in direct line of UV rays and the moisture-sucking air in the room steals every last ounce of hydration.

When I first felt these rough patches, I tried doubling up on my moisturizer before beauty sleep—as soon as I get out the shower and again before I feel my eyes getting heavy—but without fail, I'd wake up with dry patches under my eyes, on my eyelids, and my neck. They were painful and distracting, and I needed to find a fix stat. Somerville told me to use this a spot treatment right before bed. So, I tapped a moderate amount on my rough patches one night and hoped for the best. The morning after, I was blown away. After eight hours, my rough patches were soft and thoroughly hydrated—not flakey and inflamed. And I didn't have one urge to itch. A miracle!

Two weeks later, every sign of havoc-wreaking patches are gone. I haven't itched, complained to my loving boyfriend, or snapped a sad skin pic to send to my mom since. I also love that the formula has a weighty feel. A little goes a long way, so you really get your $80 worth. Consider it my skin's saving grace—I'll forever be indebted to Somerville.

Another worthy reason to support: The brand is partnering with World Central Kitchen’s #ChefsForAmerica COVID-19 Food Relief, where a percentage of Delikate sales will be be donated.

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