The NEWKEY LED Light Therapy Face Mask Is On Sale for Amazon Prime Day 2021

If it's good enough for NASA, it's good enough for us.

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  • LED light therapy treatment can be pricey, with at-home LED masks often costing hundreds of dollars, but thanks to Amazon Prime Day, you can offset some of that cost right now.
      • LED light therapy can offer a range of skincare benefits, including reducing inflammation, treating acne, and having anti-aging effects.

        LED light therapy—in which the skin is exposed to different light frequencies to achieve a range of different results—can feel like one of those future-tech kind of beauty treatments that are just outside of the reach of mere mortals. If you're among those of us who have had this feeling, don't feel bad. Light therapy does have sci-fi vibes and that's probably because it was actually a technology that was developed by NASA.

        Yep, NASA. So, how does tech meant for astronauts make its way to the beauty community? Well, in addition to doing things like helping heal wounds and reduce inflammation, LED light therapy can offer a range of cosmetic benefits, like treating acne (with blue light) and anti-aging effects (using a red light). In the past, you'd have to make an appointment with a professional dermatologist to try out LED light therapy, but, in recent years, at-home devices have hit the market.

        As with most at-home versions of used-to-have-to-go-to-a-doctor's-office treatments, home light therapy devices are less powerful than the ones the pros use, but they can still bring results, just typically over a longer timeframe.

        The technology is still fairly new—and powerful—so the price tag on even the at-home devices tends to be steep. If you've been dying to try out at-home LED light therapy though, now might just be the moment you've been waiting. The NEWKEY LED Light Therapy Face Mask is currently on sale as part of Amazon's annual Prime Day event. The product usually costs $130, but is currently marked down to $103.99 for Prime Day:

        NEWKEY LED Light Therapy Face Mask

        TGIPD (you know, thank God it's Prime Day).

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