BeautyStat—the Internet's Favorite Skincare Brand—Is Now Available at Ulta

Hailey Bieber calls one of its products her "holy grail."

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Every now and then, a beauty brand comes along and stops the internet in its tracks. Whether it's because of a gimmick or a seriously game-changing formula, some brands have the It-factor that causes them to go absolutely viral on social media. BeautyStat Cosmetics is one of those brands that definitely falls into the "game-changing formula" category. Here's some good news to boot: It's now available to shop at Ulta.

Founded in 2019 by cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson, BeautyStat produces a range of products with science- and data-backed efficacy—and they have a legion of fans across Hollywood and social media alike to prove it. Robinson has over 20 years of experience in the industry creating products for Clinique, Revlon, and more, so just know that his own line of products has to be good.

Bieber's favorite product from the range is also its most popular: the Universal C Skin Refiner Serum. In a video posted to her YouTube channel back in February, the model claimed that the serum has been an absolute game-changer for her skin. "It has changed my skin," Bieber said in the video. She also counts herself as a fan of the Universal C Eye Perfecter, which she said that she uses on a daily basis.

The serum was the first of its kind in that it features 20 percent vitamin C, which means that it leads to brighter, more even skin. It also contains squalene, which helps with hydration, so your skin looks plumper overall. The patented formula is even designed not to oxidize on the skin, which means that it delivers maximum potency from the first application. And, as we know, higher potency delivers faster, better results. 

Another one of Bieber's favorites is the Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream, which she considers to be an "amazing, every-day, all around, solid moisturizer." That's high praise coming from Bieber, who counts some of the most expensive and exclusive beauty products on the market to be a part of her beauty routine

But the five-star reviews don't begin and end with Bieber. Hundreds of videos featuring the brand's hashtag on TikTok have racked up 6.9 million views and counting, with some users claiming that it has become a staple in their routines after just two weeks of use. Others have noticed that it fades the look of their acne scars and dark spots. And while the Refiner is a bit of an investment at $80, the thousands of reviews and visible results don't lie.

So, you can imagine our excitement when the brand landed at Ulta. Read on to shop a few products from the range here, or check it out in its entirety on Ulta's website now. (And don't forget to grab an Ulta promo code before you do!)

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