Help! Everyone in Hollywood Is Convincing Me To Get Bangs

They all look so good!

Suki Waterhouse
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Some people feel a deep emotional connection to their hair. I am not one of those people. Over the course of the last half-decade, I’ve tried just about every haircut save for going bald. When I get bored, I get a haircut. So when I noticed a certain hair trend percolating across my timeline, It piqued my interest. Celebrities are all getting wispy bangs with long layers, and I want in. 

I should say before we go any further that I’m trying to grow my hair out. After years of testing tons of new styles—I’ve had a wolf cut, a boy bob, a near-pixie, I've dyed my hair red, all of it—I’m trying to lay low and stay out of the salon chair. However, A-listers abound are convincing me to follow their lead and get a wispy bang-and-layered cut that is seemingly flattering on everyone. My Instagram saved folder is teaming with inspirational photos to show to my stylist. 

The cuts are all similar. In most cases, they’re made up of long bangs that sit somewhere just atop the brow. They have face-framing layers, often that start around the chin with a semi-shaggy look at the bottom that’s done up with texturing or salt spray. Recent adopters of the cut include Renee Rapp, who swapped her long cut for an edgier style this summer. Cardi B even debuted curly clip-in bangs during her performance at the MTV VMAs this year. 

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Longtime wearers of the cut include Suki Waterhouse, whose shaggy perfectly messy hair has been on my mind since the Tumblr days. Taylor Swift has had her bangs on display since the start of her Eras Tour earlier in the year and while I love her perfectly coiffed locks at the start of every three-hour show, I much prefer when her natural texture begins to take over towards the end. Anne Hathaway’s longer banged hair is nothing short of perfection, and recent Eras-Tour opener Sabrina Carpenter’s curlier version has gone viral online. The bangs have taken over.

I could point to influencers like Matilda Djerf as the starting point for the trend. Hers is, after all, the cut that inspired one million at-home butterfly cuts while we all were in our apartments in 2020 and 2021. Or, it could be all thanks to the resurgence of hit shows like Daisy Jones & The Six and their stunning cast of banged actresses, Waterhouse among them. The look is part '70s grunge, part 90s cool-girl, neither of which I am. 

Sabrina Carpenter

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Before you yell at me for making you book a bang trim every six weeks, I have good news. Longer bangs such as these can be a dream to style, especially in a post-Dyson Airwrap world of hair dryer brushes The longer style is ideal for those who want to style their hair in a matter of minutes and head out the door, with no brushing or parting (or washing them separately in the sink) required. So if you do get the cut, could use some products to stock up with, keep scrolling. Below are some of the internet's favorite bang styling tools and products, including some of the ones that were actually used on Carpenter to keep her hair looking great on tour. 

Best Products for Styling Bangs

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