Florence Pugh Completely Shaved Her Head for the 2023 Met Gala

Talk about a transformation.

Florence Pugh Met Gala 2023
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There have been no shortage of beauty surprises at the 2023 Met Gala. Jessica Chastain ditched her iconic red hair for a platinum blonde hue. Emily Ratajkowski came in hot with baby bangs. Kristen Stewart gave her eyebrows an extremely straight revamp. Cara Delevigne opted for a platinum shag. And, most jaw-droppingly, Florence Pugh arrived with a dark brown buzz cut—adorned by a massive feather headdress custom made by Valentino. 

The Don’t Worry Darling star’s new look is courtesy of none other than her longtime hairstylist Peter Lux, who took to Instagram to share the transformation just before the actress hit the red carpet. Naturally, fans were *obsessed* with the shorter hairstyle, taking the comments section by storm. “Best hair situation at the Met,” one fan wrote. Another fan chimed in, “Wow wow wow! This is incredible!” 

The new look has been kept under lock and key in anticipation for a special Met Gala reveal—but we can’t help but think it’s been a plan for quite some time. Rewind just two days, and the Black Widow star was seen running around New York City with a brand new blunt bob and bangs inspired by Scarface. We have a sneaky feeling the look was intended to be short-lived—but we love it no less. 

Hair changes are pretty much the status quo for Pugh. She switches up her style on the regular. Most recently she even pushed director Zach Braff to let her cut her own hair for A Good Person. “I was like, ‘Zach, I think I should chop my hair off at the beginning of the movie,’” she previously told The Hollywood Reporter. She later told USA Today that she found the on-screen haircut to be “really liberating.” In the past, Pugh has also had dark brown hair, dip-dyed pink tips, and even an auburn hue. 

Samantha Holender
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