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The Best Products to Up Your Bubble Bath Game

It's time to luxuriate.

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Morgan McMullen

As an avid, self-proclaimed Bath Person, I would forgo quick, utilitarian showers completely in favor of the self-care practice that is bathing if I could. I've been known to luxuriate in the steamy water for hours on end; my medicine cabinet overfloweth with bath time accoutrements; and an antique clawfoot tub sits atop my interior design wishlist. So, having prepared hundreds of soaks in my life, I've come to the conclusion that cultivating the perfect bubble bath is all about the mise-en-scene. The lighting should be just right—moody and dim—to help you unwind or get in the zone, depending on the time of day. The playlist should be set to whatever vibe you're feeling—I'm partial to Spotify's Cinematic Chillout playlist or some Florence and the Machine—and a bounty of glowing, fragrant candles can only add to the ambiance. But most importantly, the tub itself should be flanked with products that amplify a typical bubble bath. And that's not to say you can't repurpose these for your a.m. rinse-off, but investing in a few indulgent body care products can turn even the most ardent Bath Denier into a full-blown believer, and add a truly calming ritual to anyone's personal self-care routine. From bubbling bombs and gentle body scrubs to invigorating washes and sumptuous oils, it's easy to take your standard soak up a luxe notch. Here, a few of my personal favorites.

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The Irish Export
Voya's Seaweed Bath
Voya voya.ie

Ireland's traditional seaweed baths are known for their anti-inflammatory, calming, and healing effects, but a trip across the pond isn't always feasible. Voya hand harvests, dries, and packages their mineral-rich seaweed so those with muscle soreness and general malaise can get their fix at home: Run the water ripping hot, submerge the long strands, and watch them rehydrate like they never left the Atlantic. You'll feel like a mermaid in moments.

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The Espresso-in-a-Bottle
J.R. Watkins' Bath Elixir
J.R. Watkins ulta.com

While some soaks are meant to  act as an adult Snoo and rock you to sleep, this stimulating option is best enjoyed in the morning. J.R Watkins' turmeric and ginger blend is warming and invigorating to help your mind get into WFH-mode. 

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The Palm-Size Luxury
Dior's Bath Soap
Dior macys.com

If your bathroom lacks refinement, a dainty designer soap will instantly chic up your tub set-up.  And it'll imbue your suds the same floral citrus scent as its namesake eau du parfum, so try layering the notes. 

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The Resurfacer
Nécessaire's Body Exfoliator
Nécessaire necessaire.com

A soothing soak is refreshing on its own, but a full-body scrub down feels like an instant reset. This formula—now available in an invigorating new Bergamot scent— uses pumice and bamboo charcoal to slough off rough skin and cocktails glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acids to dissolve dead cells. 

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The Shaving Savior
Fur's Bath Drops
Fur ulta.com

You may know the brand for its multi-use oil, and now they're back with another self-care must-have. The capsules release a nourishing blend of oils to sink into the skin and soften it. (If you're a person who shaves, these prime your legs for a silky-smooth glide from your razor.) 

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The Throwback
Le Labo's Shower Gel
Le Labo nordstrom.com

Missing your sweaty spins at SoulCycle? Invest in a bottle of this citrus-y wash from Le Labo. It's the signature bergamot scent of those toiletries you may or may not steal those locker rooms post-class. 

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The Floral Favorite
Ouai's Bath Bombs
OUAI nordstrom.com

Jasmine and rose are the top notes in these ahhh-inducing dissolving bombs. Pop one (or more) in a steamy tub, close your eyes, and imagine you're plucking flowers in a countryside English garden. 

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The Road Trip
True Botanicals' Wash
True Botanicals truebotanicals.com

Consider this body wash the Big Little Lies theme song in a bottle. It's NoCal-inspired wood and citrus notes are dreamy and soothing, and the formula is gentle, too. 

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The Sweet Scrub
Éminence Organic's Body Scrub
Eminence Organic Skin Care dermstore.com

Raw sugar and rock salt are the gentle exfoliators in this organic exfoliator, which has a kick of lemon for extra brightening and smoothing effects. It might sound more like a dessert than a scrub, it's effective—trust us.s

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The Muscle Soother
Dr Teal's Mineral Soak
Dr Teal's target.com

Epsom salt is a muscle recovery workhorse thanks to its mineral-rich composition, and this variation of Dr. Teal's trusty formula is boosted with detoxifying Pink Himalayan salt. Sprinkle in a cup or two after an arduous workout. 

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The Triple Threat
Diptyque's Oil
Diptyque nordstrom.com

The brand is known for its intoxicating candles and perfumes, but don't sleep on its luxurious skincare. This oil is particularly versatile: pour some under running water for a bubbly soak, and then after yo've toweled off, rub some into your skin to promote extra silkiness. Added bonus—the gorgeous bottle is practically made for shelfies. 

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The One-Way Ticket
Sol de Janeiro's Body Cream-Cleanser
Sol de Janeiro soldejaneiro.com

Whether Brazil is already stamped on your passport or just on your bucket list, this moisturizing body cleanser will give you a few moments of wanderlust. It's scent is inspired by Rio de Janeiro's beaches—think native coconuts, tropical orchids, and a touch of creamy toasted praline. 

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The Instant Spa Day
Susanne Kaufmann's Oil Bath
Susanne Kaufmann dermstore.com

You know that feeling you get at the spa when you hear that ambiguous, calming music and the taste that first sip of cucumber water? A healthy pour of this sensorial, rosemary-scented oil provides the same tranquilizing effect, but in the comfort of your own tub. 

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