The 18 Best Bubble Bath Products for a Luxurious Soak

It's time to luxuriate.

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(Image credit: Morgan McMullen)

As an avid, self-proclaimed Bath Person, I would forgo quick, utilitarian showers completely in favor of the self-care practice that is bathing if I could. I've been known to luxuriate in the steamy water for hours on end; my medicine cabinet overfloweth with bath time accoutrements; and an antique clawfoot tub sits atop my interior design wishlist. So, having prepared hundreds of soaks in my life, I've come to the conclusion that cultivating the perfect bubble bath is all about the mise-en-scene. The lighting should be just right—moody and dim—to help you unwind or get in the zone, depending on the time of day. The playlist should be set to whatever vibe you're feeling—I'm partial to Spotify's Cinematic Chillout playlist or some Florence and the Machine—and a bounty of glowing, fragrant candles can only add to the ambiance. But most importantly, the tub itself should be flanked with products that amplify a typical bubble bath. And that's not to say you can't repurpose these for your a.m. rinse-off, but investing in a few indulgent body care products can turn even the most ardent Bath Denier into a full-blown believer, and add a truly calming ritual to anyone's personal self-care routine. From bubbling bombs and gentle body scrubs to invigorating washes and sumptuous oils, it's easy to take your standard soak up a luxe notch. Here, a few of my personal favorites.