The 15 Best Oil-Free Moisturizers

Non-greasy picks for every complexion.

model with moisturized skin
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I don’t care if you have the oiliest skin imaginable, using a moisturizer is non-negotiable. Here’s the thing: “When we don’t moisturize, our skin realizes that it’s dry—especially after cleansing. If moisturizer is not applied and hydration is not replenished, our oil glands will go into overdrive and produce more oil,” explains board-certified dermatologist Dr. Mara Weinstein. While avoiding rich, creamy, and occlusive products is a smart idea (you don’t want to cause breakouts or look greasy), including one of the best oil-free moisturizers in your skincare routine will actually help balance your complexion.

And as an added bonus: They’ll probably feel better and more breathable than any alternative. “Most oil-free moisturizers have a lighter feeling and consistency to them,” says Dr. Weinstein. “Because of this, they don’t feel heavy on the skin, tend to absorb more easily, and are not thick or sticky.” Intrigued? You should be. And to help you find the best oil-free moisturizer for you, we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the most high-performing formulas out there. From weightless water creams to surprisingly hydrating gels, shop our favorites ahead.  (If you want to complete your acne routine, check out the best acne spot treatments, the best sunscreens for acne, and the best moisturizers for acne-prone skin.)

The Best Oil Free Moisturizers

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