Rhode Skin Joins the Makeup Game With New Lip Tints

Each shade has a special meaning.

hailey bieber
(Image credit: Courtesy of Rhode)

From the woman who brought us glazed donut manicures and strawberry girl makeup, there’s a new it-product (and probably a to-be-determined corresponding trend name) in town. On Thursday, Hailey Bieber’s skincare brand, Rhode, announced it’s entering the makeup game with a fresh take on its beloved Peptide Lip Treatment: The Peptide Lip Tint. Yes, you read that right—the famously grayscale-packaged Rhode is getting some color.

Created to provide the same restoration and replenishment for dry lips as Rhode’s original lip product (at the same impressive $16 price point), the new upgrade comes in four different shades: a sheer pink “ribbon”, rose taupe “toast”, crushed berry “raspberry jelly”, and rich brown “espresso.”

Each shade is inspired by something Bieber loves, from the ballet slippers of her youth (ribbon) to a “hot piece of french toast” (you know the one). While Peptide Lip Treatment is available in a number of scents—vanilla, watermelon slice, salted caramel, and the recently added strawberry glaze—Bieber has kept things simple with her lip tints. All are unscented, letting their sheer-but-buildable shades do the talking.

Rhode officially launched in June 2022 with a tightly curated product line. The three original offerings on the brand’s roster were Peptide Glazing Fluid, Barrier Restore Cream and Peptide Lip Treatment. Over a year later, in June 2023, Glazing Milk essence joined the family. With the new launch, the brand’s offerings have basically doubled and, while I’d try anything Rhode puts out, it’s possible the brand’s thoughtful lineup will stay slim: Bieber’s beauty philosophy has always erred toward minimalism.

“I think that less is more when it comes to makeup: I enjoy having a bare-looking face rather than a full, done-up look,” the model told Marie Claire in 2019. “I know everybody’s different and some people enjoy a full face of makeup, but I’m just so impatient and I don’t like spending a lot of time on myself every day.”

Now she can grab her morning coffee—and espresso lip tint!—and be ready to go.

Rhode’s Peptide Lip Tints launch September 28 at 9 a.m. PST on rhodeskin.com. Make sure you join the waitlist (see below!) to make sure you get your Lip Tint before the inevitable sell out. 

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