Katy Perry's Latest Hair Color Was Inspired by a Muppet

Also, Play-Doh and Hot Wheels.


Katy Perry has added another shade to her rainbow of hair colors. This time, she dyed her hair a bright pinkish-red—the type of red that's left over after you eat a strawberry popsicle. She left her dark roots intact for an even wilder effect.

In a post on Instagram, Perry gives credit to Danny Moon, a colorist who has worked with celebs like Nicole Richie and Kylie Jenner, for a shade that recalls Hot Wheels and Play-Doh. Moon is known for creating candy-colored hair looks, and Perry's look is relatively tame compared to some of his other creations.

Perry also credits the ever-energetic Animal from the Muppets for inspiring her look, and the resemblance is uncanny.

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