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Suffice it to say, we love a drugstore staple one could mistake for a designer dud.

Shailene Woodley has done us proud yet again by donning a black wide headband — yes, just like the Goody headwraps you buy at the corner store for less than a metro ride — on the red carpet at the New York screening of her new film White Bird In A Blizzard. The actress slicked back her newly minted blonde pompadour with the cut-and-dry accessory and the result was markedly sophisticated.

The look was presumably a nod to Marc Jacobs' Fall 2014 runway, where the models' razor-sharp rose pink wigs were topped off with muted brown headbands. While we love the modern iterations we've seen on catwalks and celebrities alike, the cloth headbands will always call to mind Miss Brigitte Bardot who oft used them to pull back those teased tresses into her signature bouffant.

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